TP Link Archer C7 Vs C8 Vs C9 | Review

With the internet now being a worldwide requirement, there are many routers on the market. But which one should you purchase? In this article, compare the TP Link Archer C7 Vs C8 Vs C9.

It is important to make the correct decision, as without the best router, your WiFi is wasted. With internet speeds now faster than ever before, you need a router that is compatible with the latest technology and will allow you to get the most from your WiFi.

As one of the most reliable router manufactures, TP Link is a good place to start shopping. In fact, they are seen as the best company for wireless connection technology. TP Link routers are also cheaper than other routers on the market, which means there is a router for every price point.

When comparing TP-Link’s Archer C7, C8, and C9 routers, we need to look at a number of factors. Despite being confused with one another, these routers do have their differences. This article will give an overview of the key differences between the TP Link Archer ranges.

We have place the routers in order of newest to oldest. It just so happens that we start with our favorite too. Without further ado, let’s get started!

TP Link Archer C7 Vs C8 Vs C9

1. C9

We have a winner! The C9 is the fastest router with the most advanced features.

The C9 is the latest addition to the line of Ancher routers. It is the best performing in their range, and supports 802.11ac IEEE as standard. The clear advantage when comparing the Archer C8 Vs Archer C9 is that the C9 is a lot faster. Furthermore, the other Archer routers have 1.7GBPS bandwidth; while the C9 has 1.9GBPS of bandwidth.

The router is able to facilitate 1300MBPS through the 5GHz channel, while able to facilitate 600MBPS through the 2.5GHz channel. In regards to the antennas, there is no difference, as it comes with three dual-band antennas.

Much like the Archer C8, the C9 has Beamforming technology. It also comes with 1GHz processor, which is faster than the 750MHz and 800MHz processors on the other routers.  

The C9 has both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports that allow for easy storage sharing and printer connection. It also helps to set up FTP servers.

As you expected, the C9 router has both Guest Network and Parental Control, which are great for maximizing security and privacy. Another similar feature is the IPv6 support, which makes it ideal for long-term use. One of the most advanced features in the software navigation option and iOS application.

The router is available at a fair price, is easy to install, and in this fastest WiFi router in this guide. The only downsides to this router are that it doesn’t provide VPN functionality and it can only be positioned in the standing position.

2. C8

This is a great router, but not quite as fast as the newer version.

When comparing the Archer C7 Vs Archer C8, there are many similarities. In fact, they both have 802.11ac standard WiFi and 1.75GBPS bandwidth. It has 5GHz of bandwidth, which is able to give speeds of up to 1300MBPS. You can also use the 2.5GHz bandwidth, which gives speeds of up to 450MBPS.

The clear advantage when comparing the Link Archer C8 Vs Archer C7 is that the C8 does with USB 3.0 ports. These ports make it a breeze to set-up and use FTP. The C8 also has better CPU speed compared to the C7, which allows it to work faster. The C8 also has three detachable bands for maximum coverage and reliability.

Gigabit functonaility makes it easy to stream HD content and play fast-paced games. The C8 even has Beamforming, which is the latest wireless technology.

Just like the other Archer routers, the C8 has Guest Network and Parental Control for ultimate privacy. This allows parents to control what their children can and can’t see online, which is vital in the modern era.

You’ll be please to know what the C8 supports IPv6 too. IPv6 support will soon be a necessity for every router on the market, so it’s good that you won’t need to change in the future.

A smart feature that all users will love is the Tether APP, which manages the relationship between your router and smart devices. Furthermore, the router has the Quality of Service for easy allocation of bandwidth to specific devices.

The C8 has a dual core processor, which is one more than the C7. This helps to increase the stability of your WiFi network.

3. C7

The oldest router in this review. However, this is a low price router with a great reputation.

If you want a fast internet connection, the Archer C7 is a good place to start. It is the oldest router on this list, but still carries a number of cool features.

You’ll be please to know that the C7 has 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which is the latest and the fastest version. This technology allows the router to support WiFi speeds of up to 1700MBPS. In fact, this is 3X faster than standard 802.11n routers. Another benefit is the IPv4 and IPv6 support. The 5GHz bandwidth supports up to 1300MBPS, which allows you to seamlessly stream HD TV and play fast-paced games.

The C7 comes with three internal antennas and three external antennas. These six antennas work together to give excellent coverage that reaches every corner of your house.

Those who want to run a FTP server can do so. Doing this allows you to transfers files among your friends and family. The router comes with two USB 2.0 ports, which support a wide range of applications, like printers. You get a total of four Gigabit LAN Ports and one Gigabit WAN port. These ports give 10X the speed of a regular connection via Ethernet cable.

The Wi-Fi On/Off switch allows for ultimate control over your WiFi. To increase your control even further, the Quality of Service option allows you to control the bandwidth you give to different devices on your Network. It is also prepared for the future of WiFi by being IPv6 compatible. For ultimate privacy, you can use the Guest Network, which allows you to shield private files from network guests.

Our only wish is that this router came with USB 3.0 ports instead of the standard 2.0 ports. It is also nowhere near as powerful as the C8 and C9 models, as it only comes with one core 720MHz processor.


Now, it is very easy to compare these models as they are all upgrades of each other. If you want the best router with high speeds, the C9 wins with ease. Those who need a router for offices should choose a C9, as this will allow for heavy internet usage, while still maintaining high internet speeds.