Where to Place Subwoofer with Soundbar: Subwoofer Placement

So, you want to know where to place a subwoofer with soundbar. No matter your reasons for buying a subwoofer, you need to know where to put subwoofer with soundbar for the best sound. Subwoofers are supposed to enhance low-pitch audio and boost the base, but having the subwoofer in the wrong place will prevent this from happening effectively. So we know the importance of correct subwoofer placement, but where to place subwoofer? Let’s find out…

Where to Place Subwoofer with Soundbar?

The best subwoofer position depends on the subwoofer and the room that it’s in. Usually, the best place to put a subwoofer is in the front corner of the room. However, it can be a good idea to test a few different spots in your room.

Correct soundbar subwoofer placement depends on the specifics of your subwoofer. You will also need to consider your room dynamics, as sound will travel differently in different rooms. The front of the room is usually the best location for a subwoofer as it means the sound stays in-sync with the front speakers. Always start from the front of the room.

If everything sounds good, then you can place the subwoofer next to your sound/video device. Try it out on either side to test which gives the best sound from where you will be seated.

We know the front of the room is the best place to put subwoofer with soundbar, but should it go in the corner or middle of your room? Placing a subwoofer in the corner often boosts the sound, so that is our recommendation. Plus it won’t be in your field of vision. However, make sure the subwoofer isn’t pressed against the wall. There should be six inches between the wall and subwoofer to allow the sound to travel efficiently.

Your room

When answering “where should I put my subwoofer?” your room plays an important role in how the sound system sounds. Larger rooms will have a lot of different places for the sound system. One corner may give a completely different sound from another corner, as the sound will travel differently. However, smaller rooms will usually have just one best place for subwoofer.

It will also depend where your seat is in regards to the subwoofer and TV. You will need to decide where you want to be seated to enjoy your media. After that, you can move the subwoofer to different corners to test the sound.

Those with a home theater room will want to maintain the best sound possible without obstructing the viewing experience. The front corner of the theater is usually the best position.

With a living room, you may want to keep the subwoofer discreet to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the room. No one wants a massive subwoofer in the centre of the room next to the dining room table.

Your type of subwoofer

The placement of your subwoofer will always depend on the type of subwoofer you have or purchase. Large subwoofers need to be posited with strategy, so that they do not obstruct any viewing experience or get in the way. With a compact subwoofer, you have loads of options of where to place a subwoofer.

Do you have a wireless or wired subwoofer? When attached to your soundbar, you may not to be able to place the subwoofer far from the soundbar. You may also want to cover the wiring to maintain your room’s aesthetic appeal. Wireless speakers can be placed anywhere you want, even 12ft away at the other side of the room.

Those with a large room may be better off with two subwoofers instead of one. You may want to purchase a second subwoofer, and discover the best subwoofer placement is on either side of the room or TV.

Distance between subwoofer and soundbar

So, what is the correct distance between a subwoofer and a soundbar? Where should a soundbar be placed in regards to a subwoofer? Obviously, those with wireless subwoofers have limited options. However, it doesn’t matter as its’ generally a good idea to have the two systems close together to achieve the best sound.

Wireless subwoofers usually allow you to place it up to around 30ft away. You will likely face latency issues if you go beyond this distance.

Can a subwoofer be placed in a cabinet?

So, we’ve talked about which area of your room offers the best placement for subwoofer, but can a subwoofer be placed inside a cabinet or other piece of furniture?

Even though you don’t need to be looking at your subwoofer all evening, we would not recommend doing this. You see, you will be stopping the sound from travelling effectively. The best location for subwoofer will need sound to leave the subwoofer and bounce off each corner of the room, not enclosed in the cabinet or with a subwoofer placement behind couch.

Furthermore, devices placed inside cabinets are more prone to overheating. You’re adding to the longevity of the subwoofer by keeping it in a well-aired location. However, you may still use a subwoofer on a shelf or rack that doesn’t have a door.

Which subwoofer is best?

The subwoofer you choose will depend on your current soundbar, your speakers, your budget, your room, and what you need it for. There are many options on the market, but you may have to stick to the same company as your soundbar because some are only compatible with subwoofers from the same brand.

Those with compact speakers and a soundbar with internal speakers might want to use a compact subwoofer that matches. This is the best option for a small room and for having a discreet sound system in your living room.

Those who want to place their subwoofer in a large room will want to use a high powered subwoofer. Home theater subwoofer placement is important, and you will need a powerful subwoofer that will able to give sound to all corners of the room.

You will also need to consider whether you want your subwoofer to be wireless or not. This will come down to personal preference, as there will be no sound difference between the two types. All that matters is the subwoofer can effectively connect to the subwoofer.

Additional components

So, your subwoofer is set-up in the correct place. You have a great sound. However, there are ways to make the sound quality even better.

Alongside the built-in speakers of your soundbar and the front speakers, you may want to add some compatible rear speakers too. Dual subwoofer placement can take a 2.1/3.1 system to a 5.1 system, which creates a surround sound system. Your rear speakers will allow the sound to reach every corner of the room for an improved sound.


So, you should now know where to place subwoofer with soundbar. It will depend on the room that you place it, but the best place is usually in the front corner of the room. However, you should test a few different areas of the room.

You should think about how the sound will travel through the room. The sound will travel different in a large room compared to a small room. Either way, the front of the room is the best starting point as it allows the sound to stay in-sync with the front speakers.