Solved: Pvp.Net Patcher Kernel Has Stopped Working in LoL

You’re likely here because you’ve just received the “ patcher kernel has stopped working” error while playing League of Legends. But don’t threat, this is a common error that doesn’t allow users to launch the game. Following the instructions in this article will get you playing with just a few clicks.

How to Fix Pvp.Net Patcher Kernel Has Stopped Working Error

Below you will find the best ways to fix the “ patcher kernel not working” error. All solutions are easy to do yourself and require no special tools. The Methods decend from most likely cause to least likely cause.

Method 1: Allow administrator access

Running the game under admin credentials is the most common fix to the issue. By this doing, you allow LoL to run without any system interruptions. We want nothing to interrupt the start-up process, which can cause the error.

If this trick works, then it’s a good idea to make the change permanent by allowing the application to always run under admin mode. Here’s how to allow admin access to launch the game:

  1. Right-click on the application icon, and then click Run as administrator
  2. Once the application launches, right-click on the application icon again, and then click Properties
  3. Find the Compatibility tap
  4. Click Run this program as an administrator
  5. Click Apply
  6. Click Ok to exit the set-up process
  7. Launch the program

Method 2: Ending the program

The issue may be caused because the program has not been ended properly. Just closing the program isn’t enough to stop it from running in the background. Fortunately, we can use Task Manager to restart the program again, which will remove any temporary error data. Many people find that doing this allows for the error prompt to suddenly disappear.

You may want to combine methods 1 and 2. So after ending the program using Task Manager, start it under admin credentials. Follow the instructions below to completely end the LoL program using Task Manager.

  1. Press Windows Logo Key + R simultaneously to start-up Run
  2. Type taskmgr to launch Task Manager
  3. Under the Processes tab, look for the application
  4. Right-click on the application, and then click End task
  5. Now that the program has ended, you should follow the steps given in Method 1 to run the program as an admin

Method 3: Removing game patch files

The previous methods are usually enough to get you playing again, but sometimes the issue can be due to corrupted or un-configured patch files in the game. As such, we need to remove some game patch files to get the program running smoothly again. Doing this should reconfigure the patch files to work as they were designed to. Follow the following steps to take this action:

  1. After right-clicking on the application icon, click Open file location
  2. Open the RADS folder
  3. Go to: Projects, then, lol_air_client, then releases. Open the latest folder in the releases file
  4. Delete the S_OK and releasemanifest files
  5. Delete the following files from the deploy folder: properties, logs, exe, and META-INF
  6. Restart your laptop or PC


We hope this article has helped you to fix the patcher kernel has stopped working error in League of Legends. The error is most commonly due to the application not having the correct admin access. It can also be caused by corrupt patch files. As such, you need to provide administrator access to LoL delete the corrupted patch files.

This is a common error that plagues players around the world, but if you follow the instructions above, you’ll be playing again in no time at all.