NVIDIA GeForce Experience Not Working – Won’t Open or Start

You’re likely here because you can’t open GeForce Experience on your laptop or PC. We know how frustrating this can be, so have put together this guide to help you fix the issue.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Not Working

This issue can be due to a corrupted graphics card, an incorrect installation, or incorrectly stored data. The tips below will get you gaming again in just a few clicks.  They are in order starting with the most likely method to fix the issue.

Method 1: Restart the GeForce Experience

As with all issues and errors with technology, you should first try to restart the program. Restarting the GeForce Experience has magically solve the issue for many people.

  1. Simultaneously press the Windows logokey + R key
  2. This will open the run box. Type mscinto the box and press Enter
  3. This will open the services window. Find and select NVIDIA GeForce Experience Service, and then click Restart (click Start if there is no restart button)
  4. Start GeForce Experience to see if the method worked

Method 2: Reinstall GeForce Experience

If restarting the program doesn’t work, you should try to reinstall it. Follow these steps to reinstall GeForce Experience:

  1. Download GeForce Experience directly from the official NVIDIA website by installing the downloaded.exe onto your device
  2. Run the GeForce Experience to see if it opens correctly this time round. However, if you still get the error that GeForce won’t install, then please read our third method


Method 3: Update the graphics card driver

If your GeForce Experience won’t open and you have tried the two methods above, then you will need to update the graphics card driver. Having a corrupted graphics card driver causes many problems and can mean the GeForce Experience doesn’t start properly.

This NVIDIA graphics card problem can be solved either automatically or manually. Here’s the low-down on both:

Automatic update – This step will involve using a program called Driver Easy. It’s the perfect choice for those who do not have the technical skills or time to do it manually. Driver Easy is an innovative solution that picks and installs the correct drivers for your specific graphics cards and version of windows.

  1. Downloadthe Driver Easy program.
  2. Run the program, and then click Scan Now to allow Driver Easy to scan your drivers
  3. Once Driver Easy has located the problem drivers, click Update Allreplace the old drivers with the new and correct drivers that you will need.

Manual update – If you prefer to do things yourself, this method isn’t too hard. It’s simply a case of going to the graphic card driver manufacturer’s website and searching the most recent and correct driver that is compatible with your version of windows.