Is the Netflix 4K Plan Worth It?

As technology continues to improve, we see huge innovation in the entertainment space. One such innovation is the 4K UHD display now found in TVs and laptops around the world. With such a high demand for UHD content, Netflix have decided to release their own premium plan, which allows users to enjoy 4K content to their heart’s content.

This has lead to many of us questioning whether it’s worth buying the 4K Netflix plan, especially since an Xbox can scale HD videos to 4K. Some people may even wonder whether it’s worth downgrading from the 4K Netflix plan to the standard HD Netflix plan.

Some people believe that it’s best to allow televisions to upscale the definition, instead of letting the Xbox do it. Although by doing this, you may add to the picture delay. There are mainly viewpoints when discussing whether the Netflix 4K plan is worth it, but don’t worry, we are about to dive into the answer…

Is the 4K Netflix Plan Worth It?

The 4K Netflix plan is best known for providing HDR support with Atmos, and we can see why. The technology allows for an improved user experience when watching your watching shows and movies. As such, I believe the 4K Netflix plan is worth it.

Those with 4K devices should upgrade to the 4K plan, as it will allow them to get the most from their device. The basic plan is the worst plan available, as it only allows users to watch one screen at a time at 480p resolution.

The standard plan is a better option if you don’t want to pay for the 4K plan, as it allows for a much better picture quality.

With all of that considered, the 4K plan is definitely worth it for those who already own a HD TV or laptop. Netflix offers their content in ultra high definition for a reason, so if you want to get the most from your favorite shows, the 4K plan is the one to get.  Those who watch Netflix on their laptop won’t get much benefit from the 4K Netflix plan, as it will be hard to tell the difference between the two standards of resolution.

Why is the 4K Netflix Plan More Expensive?

Netflix changed the world of entertainment as we know it. With a few clicks of a button, we can start a new show, which we then precede to binge-watch for the next 8 hours.

However, these shows aren’t free for Netflix to produce. As such, Netflix have raised the prices of their pans to compensate for the production costs. Those who aren’t interested in watching 4K content are forced to pay the price. But what can you do? Netflix remain king of on-demand television.

Should You Use 4K?

Let’s now talk about whether watching Netlix on 4K is the best choice or not. But to get to an answer, we first need to define what 4K UHD is. Basically, 4K displays have more pixels and higher resolution than any other display, which gives a clearer image.

Deciding whether or not to watch on 4K will come down to your personal needs. You see, 4K streams are great for those who want the absolute best and sharpest image, but some of us simple aren’t that bothered, especially if we have to pay more.

Watching on 4K means paying more for the device and the 4K Netflix plan itself, and only you will know if it’s worth it. You can view our top 4K Korean monitors here.

Standard HD is more than enough to enjoy a high-quality display. In fact, you may not even be able to tell the difference between UHD and HD, especially if you don’t own a massive TV. To get the most from a 4K display, you will need to sit closer to the screen. Sitting 10 feet away from a medium-sized TV screen simple won’t cut it.

Fans of 4K video who are shopping for a new TV should buy the biggest screen possible. This will allow them to actually see the difference in quality between UHD and HD. You can learn more about whether 4K laptops are worth it by reading our recent article on the topic.