Is Eluktronics a Good Brand? Our Review

You’re likely here because you’ve just come across a product from Eluktronics and are wondering what it’s all about. After all, their products are affordable, yet still receive plenty of good reviews. Is Eluktronics a brand that we can trust? Without further ado, let’s jump into this Eluktronics brand review.

Is Eluktronics a Good Brand? Our Verdict

Despite having a low popularity compared to other laptop companies on the market, like Apple or Dell, Eluktronics is a good brand that produces some high quality laptops.

The only few things we have to complain about are the battery life and the speaker which could be better quality. However, for the price, Eluktronics laptops offer good value for money. The battery factor shouldn’t be much of any issue if you tend to use your laptops in stationary situations, like gaming. If you want a portable gaming laptop with high battery life, then you may want to check out the Gigabyte Aero 15x.

We hope this article helps you to gain a better perspective of with upcoming laptop brand. Personally, we find this to be a trustworthy company, but if you’re concerned you should make sure your laptop comes with a warranty for extra protection.

What Does Eluktronics Specialize in?

Although largely unknown, Eluktronics in a growing company that specializes in laptops for different groups of people. In fact, the company makes laptops for gaming, student laptops, entertainment laptops, and laptops for everyday use. You can see one of their best gaming laptops here on Amazon. 

This may sound just like any other laptop company, but this isn’t the case. Eluktronics allow you to customize your laptop hardware to your heart’s content. This is a feature that has attracted a lot of positive attention, especially from gamers who like to customize for performance.

Are Eluktronics Laptops Reliable?

Eluktronics laptops use Chevo and Tongfang chassis that comes with minimal hardware components included. In fact, they are designed to be customized by assembling a range of separate parts.

Eluktonics laptops are built using aluminium and poly-plastic materials, which results in a design that is lightweight and compact. To sum up, Eluktronics laptops are built to a high standard that is propelling the company up the popularity charts.

How do Eluktronics Laptops Perform?

Eluktronics laptops use Intel’s 7th, 8th and 9th generation processors for power. As such, these are high-performance laptops that can handle a range of tasks. Due to these high-performance capabilities, these laptops are used mainly by gamers who want an affordable option.To further improve their gaming capabilities, Eluktronics uses NVIDIA’s GTX and RTX graphic cards.

For a clean performance that runs smoothly, the Eluktronics laptops come with zero bloat. In fact, the laptop comes with a Windows installation, but with no other apps that you have to delete.  

Eluktronics Laptop Battery Life

Now, for such a high-performance laptop it will come as no surprise that the Eluktronic laptop doesn’t have the best battery life on the market. With that said, for its purpose, you likely be stationary at a desk.

You’ll get 3-4 hours of regular usage, and under 3 hours if you’re playing games or streaming movies. If you’re someone that values a long-lasting battery life then you may want to customize one of the high-end models.

Cooling System

If you’re going to be using your laptop for gaming or for long durations, you will need a good cooling system to keep the laptop cool. Eluktronics laptops shine in this area. In fact, you get 2 or 4 cooling fans, depending on which specific laptop you decide to purchase.

But that’s not all. Eluktronics laptops come with a button that can be pressed to instantly increase fan speed. This is an excellent feature for when you need to cool the laptop if it starts to warm up.

The company also offers buyers the chance to choose between thermal paste and a high-perfromance thermal paste. In fact, Eluktronics can even apply the paste for you. This paste reduces the chance of thermal throttling.

Visual Display

As a gaming laptop, the Eluktronics needs to have good display. Fortunately, the laptops come with an IPS anti-glare display that has HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. A 144Hz refresh rate is most common among Eluktronics laptops, which is a respectable refresh rate for gaming. One of the best things about the display on these laptops is the impressive max 144 FPS. This will be very welcome to some as it means you can turn off motion blur (which disguises low FPS) when gaming.

72% NTSC displays give average color accuracy, saturation, and gamut. A max brightness of 300 nits is plenty enough, although won’t be easy to see with direct sunlight pointing at your screen.

Warranty & Protection

Eluktronics provide up to 3-year warranty for their laptops. Like with all warranties, you should read the small print before purchasing. The “No Pixel Guarantee” covers your laptop if the display has dead pixels.