How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox X-Series and One with HDMI

You may be here because you want to know how to play your favorite Xbox games on the go. Or maybe your monitor has broken, so you now your only option is to use a laptop as an Xbox monitor. Whatever the reason, this article will teach you how to play Xbox on a laptop screen by using HDMI.

Laptops offer a way to play Xbox with ultimate portability. Besides, modern laptops have screens that are just as high quality as our TV or PC monitors, so it makes a lot of sense. However, there are a few things to remember when using laptops as monitors for Xbox gaming. Let’s dive in…

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox with HDMI Cable?

To do this, you will need an Xbox console, HDMI cable, and laptop with HDMI functionality. But it’s not as simple as just connecting the three components and playing. To get the best from your set-up, there are a few things to learn and remember.

HDMI Input

HDMI is one of the most commonly used pieces of technology in the world. Simply put, it’s unbeatable when it comes to sending video and audio to multiple screens. The TV is the HMDI input, whereas the HDMI output is your HDMI output. The output (games console) sends information across to the input (TV).

However, things aren’t so simple when using your laptop to play Xbox. Different laptops have a different HDMI connection, which means your laptop may only have a HDMI output, not an input port.

Essentially, this means you won’t be able to send audio and video information to the laptop, which is what we need. As such, using a laptop with a HDMI input port is the only way to use a laptop monitor for Xbox with HDMI.

Connecting the XBOX and Laptop with HDMI

This is a fairly easy step. Power your Xbox as normal, plug the HMDI into the HMDI laptop input port, and then choose the correct source. You will now be able to play Xbox while connected to a laptop.

Connecting XBOX One to Laptop Without HDMI Cable

As we previously mentioned, not all laptops have the required HDMI port. If this applies to your laptop, and you can’t purchase another, then there is another way to connect a laptop with an Xbox.

For this section, you will need a laptop with Windows 10, an internet connection, and an Xbox console. Follow the steps below:

  1. First make sure you have downloaded the XBOX app from the Microsoft store
  2. Use the app to logo into your Xbox account
  3. Power on your XBOX
  4. In the app, click on “Connection” (it’s in the bottom left had corner)
  5. With both the laptop and Xbox connected to the same network, you will be able to view the playback from the Xbox on your laptop

Create the Best Gaming Experience

To get the most from your game, you want to create the best gaming experience possible. The main reason why people have problems is due to a low quality laptop screen. But how do you find the best gaming monitor for Xbox? We have created a mini guide below, so that you know what to look for…

Refresh Rate

How many images does your screen show per second? The refresh rate measures how fast your screen refreshes with a new image. Screens with a high refresh rate are ideal for gaming, where the image changes very quickly. For example, a 240Hz refresh rate means the screen will give a new image 244 times every second.


You won’t get the most from the game with a low resolution gaming screen. It’s important to know the difference between the levels of resolution found on the screens of today. Generally, you should opt for a 1080p or 4K resolution. You can learn more about the differences between 1080p and 4K by reading our article here.

Screen Size

Whether purchasing a phone or TV, screen size is one of the biggest factors to consider. Bigger screen sizes are usually better, although they are usually more expensive. However, some people enjoy sitting really close to their screen, so a smaller screen would be better in this situation.

Response Time

How fast can the monitor switch between the changing pixels? The best gaming laptops have low response times, which mean that they can quickly change images. Laptops with high response times will take longer to respond to changes, which can result in lag.


So, that’s how to use laptop screens as monitors for Xbox One gaming. There are various ways to do it, but using a HDMI cable is the easiest and most efficient way.

It’s important to remember that the quality of the result will vary depending on the quality of monitor you choose. Using a low resolution screen can cause your gaming experience to suffer. Anyway, we hope you have enjoyed reading this guide. Hopefully you now have all the information needed to create a winning Xbox set-up.