Solved: How to Fix Pink Screen on Your Laptop

Pink screens aren’t usually a random event. Usually, some sort of action took place to make the laptop screen change color. It can be due to something you downloaded or maybe your laptop received a knock. Whatever caused it, pink screen errors are very irritating. Here’s how you can fix pink screen on your laptop.

Why Does my Laptop Have a Pink Screen?

A pink screen is caused by an interruption in the RGB colour scheme that a laptop has to display different colors. To create a pink laptop screen, green sits in the middle, with red and blue at or near maximum.

You may have a pink screen, pink lines, or patches of pink. Whatever the type of problem you have, there are a few common reasons why your laptop has a pink screen.

First we first find out if this is software or hardware issue. To find out, plug your laptop into an external monitor. If the display on the external monitor turns pink, then you have a software issue.

How to Fix Laptop Pink Screen?

Here are our top methods to fix a pink screen on laptop.  We start with the easiest and most likely to help you.

Method 1 - Restart

Like any another issue, the first method is to reset the device. You may want to shut the laptop down completely, wait for 30 seconds, and then turn the laptop back on. Restarting your laptop will get rid of any problem programs running in the background

Method 2 – New LCD

The pink screen may be due to a broken screen. As mentioned above, you can plug your laptop into an external monitor to discover if there is a hardware problem or software problem.

If you have a hardware problem then you may have to send your laptop to the manufacturer to be fixed. Hopefully your warranty is still active. If not, you can take you laptop to any repair shop for them to take a closer look. You could change the laptop screen yourself if you have the confidence, but going to a professional is always advised.

Method 3 – Update/Roll Back the Driver

If you know that you have a software problem, this method will may solve your pink screen issue. This method involves rolling-back or updating the graphics card drivers. This method is an easy way to uninstall the latest driver, and replace it with the previous one that was active before the pink screen issue.

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Click on Display Adapters
  3. Right-click the drivers, and then Properties
  4. After the window opens, click Driver
  5. Click Roll Back Driver
  6. Click Yes to the “Are you sure?” question
  7. Click Yesin the System Settings Change dialog box
  8. The driver has now been rolled-back and your laptop should automatically restart

Please note that there is a chance your laptop won’t be able to find any driver. In this case, you should go to the manufactures website to download the newest driver for your display card, and then restart your laptop.

Method 4 – Disable True Color

Your laptop may have a piece of software installed called “True Color”. If all else fails, you may want to disable this software.


Hopefully one of these methods has solved your laptop pink screen issue. I need to stress that you should be confident in your abilities before attempting to replace your laptop screen. It isn’t the most difficult job, but I would hate for you to make the issue worse. Going to a professional at a repair shop will always be the best choice if you don’t want to take any risks.