How To Do A Backlight Bleed Test

So, you want to know how to do a backlight bleed test. Well, you’ve come to the right place! You are probably experiencing an excessive white light around the edges of your screen, which is distracting to your view. Keep reading to find out how to fix backlight bleeding.

Backlight Bleed Test

  1. Find a completely black image. We recommend black as it allows you to easily see where any light is bleeding through
  2. Turn off all lights in the room to create complete darkness
  3. Take a close look around your monitor. A working screen won’t show anything other than the black color of the image. However, a screen with backlight bleeding will result in sides that are noticeably brighter
  4. It is worth noting that if your monitor uses an IPS light source, you may misidentify a backlight bleed. You can fix this issue by turning reducing the brightness to reduce the glow

What is Backlight Bleeding?

Backlight bleeding is a lighting defect that is frequent among LCD TVs and computer screens.

LCD screens work by using light to project images onto the screen, which is typically done via an LED light source. The LCD then displays the images and colors that we love. The screen has a bevel that blocks the light, which prevents any light from escaping past the LCD layer.

Backlight bleeding occurs when the screen bevel stops blocking light. The result is a bleed of light from the sides of the screen, with distorting colors too.

How To Fix Backlight Bleeding?

The best way to fix backlight bleeding is to rub a microfiber cloth over where the bleeding is occurring, which tights the area and blocks light. Another method is to just turn down the level of brightness on your monitor until the brightness bleed is no longer a distraction. With that said, the ultimate how to fix backlight bleeding is to return your monitor to the dealership for a replacement.

You can also make a few alterations to the monitor. The first tactic to try is to loosen the monitor’s screws on the back, which sometimes allows the light to bleed from the sides, rather than from your display.

Now, this following method requires dismantling the monitor until the LCD is exposed, so don’t try this method if you have a warranty or you have not yet tried to get a replacement from the dealership. You should place dark tape on all edges of the LCD, which will prevent the light from leaving sideways and act as another barrier.

How to Reduce Backlight Bleed?

There are a few steps you can take to reduce backlight bleeding, but they don’t always work. In fact, there are some monitors that are so damaged that nothing works to fix backlight bleeding.

The following steps will maintain the health of your monitor, which will allow it to perform at peak efficiency and reduce the chance of backlight bleed. Keeping the brightness high is the quickest way to degrade the hardware, which means it can be wise to reduce the brightness and turn the monitor off when you can.

You should also do everything in your power to reduce physical damage. As such, be careful when moving around your monitor and when you move it from location to location. A single bump can be enough to cause backlight bleed or other damages.

New Monitor Has Backlight Bleed

So, what should you do if your brand new monitor has backlight bleed? Well, you should return it as soon as possible. This is a rare situation, but it does happen from time to time. The dealership should be able to give you a replacement or a refund, with no questions asked.

In the rare case that the dealership doesn’t offer any help, you can follow the steps in this article. Make sure to try at the dealership first though, as you don’t want to damage your warranty.


We have the tips in this article have helped you to indentify how to do a screen bleed test. Now, bleeding isn’t the worst thing that can happen to your monitor, but it does ruin the viewing experience. After all, who wants to have light escaping from the corners of the screen as they try to enjoy their favorite Netflix show or movie?

There are steps you can take to fix backlight bleeding, but not all of them will work. The best option is always to return the screen to the dealership, where they can give you a replacement.