Fallout 4 Brown Face Bug Fix

So, you’re looking for the Fallout 4 brown face bug fix. Scroll down for the answer! Fallout 4 is a great game! In fact, it is now one of the most popular role-playing (RPG) games, which has been developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios. As the 5th game in the Fallout Series of games, Fall 4 is played by millions of people from all corners of the world.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where you roam around with your chosen character. In fact, you are the only survivor of the terrible crises. As you can imagine, there is a lot to explore in the game. You will take on a range of quests to earn experience points, which you can use to learn new skills.

Sounds amazing, right? Fallout 4 is undoubtedly an amazing game. However, there are many bugs that can negatively affect the gaming experience. These bugs have the community in an uproar, which have made their way to Bethesda studious. As such, many updates have been rolled out to fix the issues found within the game.

However, these updates didn’t fix every bug or issue. Gamers now have to search online for an answer to these issues. Fortunately, we are here to help you. In this article, we tell you how to fix the notorious Fallout 4 brown face error. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Fallout 4 Brown Face Bug Fix

Fallout 4 Brown Face is a bug that causes the character’s face to turn brown. Now, this isn’t a major issue, but it can be annoying for many players. As this bug has no impact on performance, officials have put out very little help to fix the problem. But don’t worry; you can fix the bug by following the steps below:

The main way to fix Fallout 4 brown face bug is to install a third-party mod from Nexus Mods, which is an easy fix for Fallout 4 brown face bug. In fact, you just need to perform these steps:

  1. Download the official mod from Nexus Mods website
  2. Extract the files using an extracting tool
  3. Copy and paste the files in the “Data” folder of your Fallout game. You should find the “Data” folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data
  4. Launch the game to see if the bug has been fixed


Thanks for reading! We hope that the tips in this article have helped you to with the Fallout 4 brown face fix. This is an annoying bug, but it’s easy to fix. Please do let us know if there are any other bugs that you need help with. The gaming world changes on a daily basis, but we are here to help. Be sure to share with article with your friends.