Best Voice Amplifier for Teachers | Classroom Microphone System

So, you’re looking for the best voice amplifier for teachers. Well, you’ve arrived at the correct place! This article reviews a range of voice amplifiers that allow you to speak more comfortably and effectively.

As a teacher, your voice is a valuable tool. You use it to teach the next generation of doctors, builders, business owners, musicians, and more. However, sometimes your voice isn’t loud enough to reach every child in the room. You may even be feeling some soreness in your throat from always having to raise your voice. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Zoweetek Portable Amplifier

We have a winner! Weighing just 0.36lb, this device is powerful enough for 10,000 square-foot rooms.

The Zoweetek is our winner – it gives an accurate sound with no voice distortion. The amplifier is powerful enough to reach every corner of a 10,000 square-foot room, making it one of the best voice amplifiers for large classrooms.

The device weighs just 0.36lb, which means it is light enough for all-day use. Simply clip the portable microphone and speaker for teachers onto your clothing or wear it around your neck. In fact, the device comes with a free waist belt, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t wear belts.

The small build has enough space for a 3.5 AUX audio input. We also love that you can connect another device via the port, so that you can use it as a wired speaker.  In fact, you can play audio via the USB drive port, which allows you to play music to your classroom, should the situation arise. It contains a rechargeable 1800 mAh lithium battery for 12 hours of continuous use.

With all of this information in mind, we believe this is the best voice amplifier for teaching in classrooms, presenting, talking to large assemblies, and coaching sports on the school field.

2. Voice Amplifier MAONO C01

The MAONO C01 is similar to our first choice, but the sound covers 6,000 square feet.

Here we have our best portable voice amplifier for teachers. It comes with a cool LED display, and allows your voice to spread over 6,000 square feet (4,000 less than the amplifier above).

The great benefit of the device is that the cardioid microphone works to only take in your spoken voice, not noises from the background. As such, this is a great voice amplifier for outdoor gym class. We also love that this device has a beautiful & eye-catching design, unlike the typical all-black designs.

As we previously mentioned, this device has an LED display. This display has an indicator that warns you when the battery is low and needs to be charged. You may even want to use this amplifier as a karaoke set for classroom use! This is because the device can play music while an input is connected.

The USB port is another handy feature. It allows you to connect the amplifier to your computer or for quick charging. Being able to connect to a computer allows you to take advantage of larger speakers.

As this voice amplifier doesn’t pick up ambient noise, it is one of the best voice amplifiers for music class and music teachers.

3. Portable Voice Amplifier SHIDU

Here we have an attractive pink voice amplifier that covers 5,000 square feet.

For those who value aesthetics, the SHIDU voice amplifier is the one for you. The small device is built with a 10W power output, which gives enough power for 5,000 square feet of coverage. The sound is clear with minimal ambient sound picked-up.

It has 1800 mAh battery for 12 hours of constant use, although we doubt you will be teaching for that long! It’ll charge in 3-5 hours, so you can give it a quick recharge at the end of your working day.

You will also receive a waistband that can be tied around your waist for you to clip the device on to. Coupled with the adjustable headset, this will allow you to use the device hands-free.

Due to the small size, cool design, and high portability, this may be the best voice amplifier for dance teachers. Due to the smaller power, this isn’t the best for outside use.

4. RJoanna Jeremiah Portable Voice Amplifier

We have a winner! Here we have a 5000 lumen church projector.

With an extendable antenna, here we have a sleek amplifier that gives a clear sound. It has 10 watts and power and doesn’t take in ambient background noises. In fact, the voice amplifier is able to cover 10,000 square feet. It has a clip that allows you to easily attach the device to your belt or trouser pocket. The headset system can be draped around your neck like a teacher microphone necklace or worn like a headband.

The device has an AUX audio input so you can use it for a number of different uses, like as a wired speaker. It even has a recording function so you can record yourself speaking and listen to the playback.

5. Gigaphone G100 Voice Amplifier

With a waterproof design, this is the best voice amplifier for teaching outdoors.

Here we have a powerful voice amplifier with 30-watt output. It has a waterproof design, which makes it one of the best voice amplifiers for using outdoors.

As a waterproof voice amplifier, it is ideal for teachers who teach physical education or the school sports team. The device is also protected against shocks and dust, so you can use this anywhere you like. It comes with a waist belt and shoulder strap for great portability.

It has a patented design that limits voice distortion. It will give a clear sound, even if you’re walking around the classroom or field. The only downside to this device is that it doesn’t have an AUX input, so it won’t let you play music loudly.

6. SHIDU Bluetooth Voice Amplifier

This is a waterproof and durable voice amplifier for teaching outdoors.

If you want of the most durable voice amplifiers on the market, this is the one for you. As well as being waterproof, the device is highly-powered at 18W.

This is one of the best voice amplifiers for swimming teachers and those who may have to teach in the rain. It can also be used as an emergency power source. The multi-functional device also has a Bluetooth speaker, recording function, AUX input, and micro SD card.

Like all good devices, the headset can be adjusted to your exact preferences for ultimate comfort. Other notable features include the Bluetooth voice prompt and the UHF wireless microphone.

7. VoiceBooster Voice Amplifier

With 25 watts of power, this device is also an FM radio and MP3 player.

If you want a device that has an MP3 player and FM radio, we recommend the VoiceBooster. Although small in size, this device gives a large sound that is able to cover 7,000 square feet.

One of the most impressive benefits of the device is how long the battery lasts for. In fact a full charge of the rechargeable lithium battery will give 15 hours of power. The powerful voice amplifier for teachers comes with both micro SD port and USB port.

The built-in FM radio comes with automatic tuning, which makes your job easier and save time. You can use the built-in MP3 player to play music or audiobooks to your class.

8. AVerMedia AVerMic Audio System

Here we have a wireless microphone and high-quality speaker.

Here we have a classroom audio system that can be used on-the-go. If you want the clearest audio possible, it is a good idea to use a wireless microphone system for teachers that can be placed in any area of your classroom.

The main unit weighs 2.55lb and measures 11” x 9.4” x 4.4. The 2.4Ghz technology allows for clear sound with minimal buzz. It can be used in any size classroom, although it really shines when instructing sports class in the school field.

9. Anker Soundcore Speaker & Bietrun Microphone Headset

You can combine the Anker speaker with the Bietrun headset for a high-quality combination.

Here we have a combination of two different products. The Anker Bluetooth speaker allows you to connect with any device with Bluetooth functionality. With 20W of audio power, you will get 10 hours of playtime.

So what microphone should you use with the speaker? We like the Bietrun wireless microphone (here on Amazon), which offers unbeatable wireless technology.  The highly-portable wireless microphone for teaching allows for clear sound and hands-free teaching. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the ability for the Bietrun to transmit 160 feet.

10. Sennheiser Microphone System & Yamaha Ultra HD Speakers

You can combine the Yamaha speakers with the Sennheiser microphones for a high-quality combination.

Similarly to the above, we have another combination of two different products. To start with, the speaker system comes with five powerful speakers and is Bluetooth connection technology. Now, this is heavy speaker system that weighs 40lb, so bear this in mind. IT measures 22.5” x 22” x 18”.

The wireless microphone system is able to output sound over a distance of 330 feet! In fact, these wireless microphones are used by professional broadcasters. Unlike the speakers, these are lightweight microphones that can be clipped onto your clothing and weigh just 1.8lb. The package includes two AA batteries, a mic, a transmitter, and a bodypack receiver. Now, this is quite an expensive mic set-up, so only take a closer look if you want a professional-standard system. We believe this is the best voice amplifier for lectures and auditoriums.

What is a Voice Amplifier?

Voice amplifiers are devices that increase the volume and clarity of the user’s voice. They are also known as teaching speech assistance devices, which can be clipped on any part of the body.

Although the device is small, they are able to greatly boost the volume of your voice. As such, they are ideal when speaking to large groups of people, like in a classroom setting full of students.

These voice amplifiers contain mini speakers and a lightweight headset. You can get wireless and wired devices, but most teachers go for one of the best wireless voice amplifiers for teachers. These amplifiers are rechargeable, just like your smart phone.

The great thing about using a voice amplifier is that you can operate one with just one hand, so they are perfect to use while teaching a classroom of kids. You can then speak using your normal voice, and your voice will be amplified to reach every corner of the room. This is a lifesaver for teachers who are forced to speak loud than what is comfortable to them.

Types of Teacher Voice Amplifier

There are many different types of voice amplifier for teachers on the market, which makes it hard to choose just one. In this guide you will see a total of seven different types, so you can find the best one for your specific needs. The exact amplifier you get will depend on a range of different factors. You will need to think about whether you will want a voice amplifier for classroom, assembly hall, to teach outdoors, or at school prom.

Small amplifiers may be enough for giving lessons to small classrooms with a small number of children. However, you may need a wireless microphone & speaker set-up for large classrooms and teaching outdoors.

How to Find the Best Voice Amplifier?

There are many factors to consider before you can buy the best portable voice amplifier for your needs. These devices come with a number of different features, all designed to make your life easier. The basic features are a speaker, microphone, amplifier, and volume control. However, some voice amplifiers have better features than others.


Every good wireless microphone for classroom teaching must be powerful enough to amplify your voice to every single person in the room, even those at the back. Simply check the stated amount of coverage when you make your purchase. You can get voice amplifiers that cover 5,000 square feet, but there are also voice amplifiers that cover 10,000 square feet. 5,000 squat feet voice amplifiers will be enough for most classrooms.


You will also want a voice amplification device with good battery. After all, you don’t want the power to run out while you’re in the middle of teaching. You can buy amplifiers that should be charged every couple of hours to keep the battery topped-up, but there are also amplifiers that must only be charged when the device has completed run out of energy. Those who will be using the amplifier all day will need one that has a long-lasting battery. However, if you only need to use your amplifier now and then, you can be more flexible with your choice.


It’s a good idea for teachers to get a portable voice amplifier for classroom teaching. You see, you will likely being moving as you talk to the class, whether writing on the white board or giving a demonstration. All portable microphone for teachers in this guide are small and perfect for a classroom setting. In fact, they can be easily worn around your neck or clipped onto your pocket or belt.

Easy to use

Technology can be confusing at the best of times, and this is certainly the case with some voice amplifiers. You see, the devices have varying connections and features to get them working effectively. The more complex the device, the more complicated it will be to work. However, most devices come with manuals that make the process a lot easier. You will also need to consider how comfortable the device will be to wear around your neck or clipped onto your clothing. We recommend that teacher explore some of the lightweight voice amplifiers for teachers on the market.

How to Use a Voice Amplifier

You use a personal voice amplifier by speaking normally into the microphone. This is welcome news to teachers, who are sometimes forced to speak in a louder voice than is comfortable. Voice amplifiers allow you to speak in your natural voice, while still ensuring every kid can hear the important information.


Research shows that teachers, especially women, are at high risk from damaging their vocal cords. In fact, there are cases where teachers are left with permanent damage. When you are forced to talk louder than you normally would, you cannot focus on teaching the children, which means you aren’t doing your job as effectively as you could be.

The solution is to use a teacher microphone to make your voice louder. Doing so will prevent voice disorders, while also allowing you to work effectively. It is just a case of connecting the headset, attaching the device to your person, and turning it on.

So, those are our most recommended and best wireless voice amplifiers for teachers. Whether you need to give a speech during assembly or teach to a large classroom of kids, a classroom amplification system will allow you to teach comfortably and effectively. In the event that you cannot find a loud wireless voice amplifier for teaching, you can also connect to an external device, like speakers on the classroom computer.