Best Vertical Monitors | Pivot Monitors with Portrait Mode

So, you want to find the best vertical monitors for sale. You’ve arrive at the correct place! In this article, we review a range of vertical monitors that can be rotated between vertical and landscape orientation. Portrait monitors are perfect for reading emails, scrolling through social media, writing code, and even playing games. Without further ado, let’s dive into our favorites.

1. HP VH240a 23.8-inch Full HD 1080p IPS

We have a winner! The HP VH240a is undoubtedly our number one vertical monitor.

From their Work Line, the HP VH240a is a business vertical monitor that offers superb performance and a range of cool features. For an affordable price, you get a vertical monitor that has a strong specification and beautiful display. In fact, the bezel-less monitor has a Full HD resolution and IPS panel. It gives 250-nits of brightness, which is average for today’s monitors.

The monitor is not built for gaming, but it will be fine for casual gaming. It has a 60Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time, which is decent, but certainly not the best specification for gaming on the market.

The monitor comes with built-in speakers that give an excellent sound. Our best portrait monitor comes with HMDI port and VGA port, which allows for high connectivity with your other devices. This really is a great vertical monitor for entertainment. The stand is another great addition, which makes this the best vertical monitor for those you want to adjust the height and angle to the exact preference.

This monitor comes with almost no weaknesses, but we wish it had a few more connectivity ports, like DisplayPort and USB.

2. Dell P Series 24″ LED-Lit

Here we have bezel-free monitor with a range of connectivity ports. This is also one of the best affordable vertical monitors on the market.

If you want a budget vertical monitor, you should take a closer look at the Dell P2419H. It is a three-sided thin bezel monitor that allows you to enjoy a viewing experience at all angles. It also has a range of connective ports for ultimate convenience.

This is a vertical monitor with IPS panel and a 1920 x 1080 resolution, which will be welcome news to those who appreciate crystal-clear images and vivid colors.

The beautiful display is mounted on an adjustable stand that can be tilted, pivoted, and adjusted to your heart’s content. This stand has a small base, which means it saves space on your desk.

The monitor has a 5ms response time when the mode is set to “Fast Mode”. This is an impressive response time, but the 60Hz refresh rate won’t impress gaming enthusiasts who want higher refresh rates for fast-paced gaming.

This is a cheap vertical monitor that is highly-versatile and can be enjoyed by nearly everyone, but it is not perfect. It would be great if the monitor had built-in speakers and AMD FreeSync technology.

3. ASUS PB258Q 25″ WQHD

Here we have an all-rounder with some of the best visuals you can get on a virtual monitor.

The ASUS PB258Q is a great all-rounder that offers sharp pictures and accurate colors. This is one of the best WQHD vertical monitors on the market, which can be used for huge variety of use cases. It has an impressive 1440p IPS panel that is house on a multifunctional stand.

As you may see from the picture, this monitor has a sleek design with few obvious features. In fact, the monitor can blend in with any home décor or office environment. The monitor features a row of buttons to the front that control various settings, which includes contrast and brightness. This allows you to quickly adjust the monitor settings to your exact preference.

Like all great vertical monitors in this guide, the ASUS PB258Q sits on top of a stand that can swivel, tilt, and pivot to your exact preference. Couple with the vertical orientation, this functionality allows creative people to find their best potential.

Creative individuals will love this monitor even more when they discover that it comes with 100% sRGB coverage. As such, you can expect this monitor to five you excellent colors that are vivid and accurate. As the panel is manufactured by LG, you get viewing angles that are some of the greatest you will find. This panel stays bright, with the maximum brightness levels hitting 350-nits.

When it comes to gaming, the monitor will allow you to play most games. It has a 75Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time. However, this isn’t the best for fast-paced gaming.

4. Acer XFA240 Vertical G-Sync Gaming Monitor

Looking for a gaming monitor with vertical orientation? This is our recommendation.

If you want the best vertical monitor for gaming, we invite you to take a closer look at the Acer XFA240. It has an adjustable stand that can swivel and tilt to your own preference when gaming.

While being perfect for gaming, the monitor can be found at budget-friendly prices, making it one of the most affordable vertical monitors for gaming. So if you don’t want to spend a lot, but still want a vertical gaming monitor, this is a great place to start.

It is a TN panel that comes with 1920 x 1080 resolutions as standard. If you’re not already aware, TN panels have lower response times when compared to other types of vertical monitor. In fact, monitor ghosting is almost impossible with the monitor’s 1ms response time. The 144Hz refresh rate allows you to play even the most demanding games, so this monitor is great for serious gamers.

The monitor will look good with any gaming set-up. It has a basic design with red accents to the bottom of the monitor. When we dive deeper into the features, users will appreciate the Blue Light Filter, Flicker-less, and G-Sync technology.

5. ASUS ProArt PA248QV Professional Monitor Factory

With excellent color accuracy and a IPS panel, this is a great vertical monitor for artists.

The ASUS ProArt PA248Q is one of the best vertical monitors for artists. It is a professional-grade monitor that is built for professional artists, designers, and photographers. Basically, it is perfect for those who need high color accuracy. The monitor has Delta e<2 value, which makes it one of the best vertical monitors for color accuracy.

The thin-bezel vertical monitor has a 24.1″ IPS screen that sits on top of a minimalist stand. The thin-bezel design makes this a great monitor for multi-monitor set-ups. It comes with 100% sRGB coverage and an array of art-friendly features, like the instant color adjustment and art preview. Those who frequently connect other devices to their monitor will appreciate the USB port, DisplayPort, HDMI, and Audio Out.

This is a monitor with a basic design, but a few ergonomic features. For example, it has a row of buttons to the front that allow you to make quick adjustments. Like all excellent vertical monitors, the ASUS ProArt PA248Q sits on an adjustable stand that can be spun vertically, tilted, and pivoted to your personal preference.

6. BenQ PD2500Q 1440p

With 100% sRGB coverage and Rec. 709 standards, this is a great vertical monitor for desingers who want value.

Here we have another color-accurate monitor that provides great value to all users, especially those who enjoy designing. It comes with an array of cool features that will allow designers to stay productive and motivated. It also has Rec. 709 standards and 100% sRGB coverage, which makes this another great vertical monitor for art & design. In fact, the

Just like the other ASUS monitor in this guide, the IPS is made by LG, which means it has accurate colors and unbeatable viewing angles. This impressive screen is housed inside a thin bezel monitor that has a sleek design. As you would expect, the stand can twist, tilt, and pivot to your personal preference.

As we mentioned, this is a monitor for designiers. This means that is comes with a range of features, like Dark-Room, animation modes, and CAD features. The factory calibration means you perfect Delta-E for accurate and precise picture. The monitor also comes with a range of ports for easy connectivity to external devices.

7. Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX

Here we have a 27" monitor that is built for productivity.

The Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX is a vertical monitor for multi-monitor set-ups. It will allow you to stay productive and motivated as you work or surf the web. It has an impressive 1440p IPS panel that gives vivid images and excellent viewing angles.

It also has a bezel-free design and slim build, which saves space and allows for a more pleasant viewing experience. As such, we believe this is the best vertical orientation monitor for multi-monitor set-ups.

Now onto the stand – it has a minimalistic design that doesn’t take up valuable space on your desk. The monitor can be positioned in any way you like. In fact, it has a hinge that allows you to bend, tilt, and angle to perfection.

As we mentioned, this monitor has an 1440p panel that gives great colors. This is perfect for designers and those who love color accuracy.  In fact, the monitor has 99% sRGB and 85% DCI-P3 coverage thanks to the factory calibration.

The only downsides to this monitor are the lack of USB-Type C connectivity and speakers. This isn’t a massive issue to us, but these may be features that are important to you.

8. LG 27UK850-W 4K UHD

With AMD FreeSync and HDR 10 support, this is an all-rounder that can be used for a range of tasks.

If you want an all-rounder that won’t let you down, you may want to take a closer look at the LG 27UK850-W. With HDR 10 support and AMD FreeSync, this monitor can be used for gaming, professional tasks, or just surfing the web.

Typical of an LF monitor, the 27UK850 has a sleek design that suits any home or office environment. The monitor is mounted on a curved stand that offers security and customization. In fact, this is an adjustable vertical monitor that can twist, turn, and adjust to your preference.

One of the best reasons to get this monitor is the 4K IPS panel screen that offers excellent colors. It isn’t the absolute best, but the HDR 10 and 99% sRGB coverage is sure to impress. Gamers will appreciate the AMD FreeSync and 5ms response, which allows for easily game play.

We love that the monitor is fitted with every connective port that you will need, which even includes Thunderbolt technology. The only negative of this monitor is that it isn’t the most affordable, but that is typical for an LG monitor.

9. Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q 4K

Here we have a 4k vertical monitor that gives ultra-sharp pictures.

The Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q is a high-quality monitor that has a 4k screen for excellent visuals. There’s nothing groundbreaking about the design of this monitor. Basically, it looks just like the other Dell monitors on the market.

The stand can be adjusted to your exact preference, which makes it great for a number of uses, whether that’s at home or in the office. We love the space at the back of the stand that allows the cables to flow naturally throw the back.

The 4K vertical monitor has HDR coverage, and is ideal for gaming with a response time of just 5ms.  The only slight complaint is the color accuracy isn’t the best when compared to the top vertical monitors.

10. Alienware AW2518Hf

With a 240Hz refresh rate, this is a great monitor for fast-paced gaming.

Here we have another vertical gaming monitor that is ideal for fast-paced games. It has a 240Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync. It featured a TN panel that offers an excellent viewing experience from all angles.

As you may see from the image, this monitor has a unique design that gamers will cherish. It has sharp edges and an insanely-cool tri-pod stand. This set-up allows you to tilt, swivel, and adjust the monitor height to your exact preference.  This feature allows you to game in style and comfort.

Other features include the flicker-free technology for enjoyable viewing of your favorite shows and games. The viewing experienced is improved further thanks to the 400-nits of brightness and the 1000:1 static contrast ratio.

The only slight downside to getting this monitor is the lack of motion-blur technology. Although not a huge issues, this is something that gamers may want to have when playing the most intense games.

Types of Vertical Monitor

Best 1080p vertical monitors – We recommend this type of monitor for the majority of situations. They are great for basic tasks, like typing, reading, and surfing the web. The portrait 1080p monitors are also more affordable than other types of monitor.

Best 1440p vertical monitors – We recommend this type of monitor for professionals who value extra sharpness in their screen. It can be a good idea to get a 1440p vertical monitor for coding, video editing, or playing games.

Best 4K vertical monitors – We recommend the 4k type for those who need the absolute best quality display with the highest sharpness. It can be a good idea to get a 4K vertical monitor for editing and other creative uses.

Best gaming vertical monitors – This type of monitor has a high refresh rate and response time. Gaming monitors can also be used as secondary displays to view your Twitch chat while gaming on live streams.

Screen Types

  • IPS: Also known as in plane switching monitors, this screen type gives vivid colors and deep blacks. As such, they are ideal for those who value aesthetic and accurate pictures, such as gamers and photographers
  • LED: Also known as light emitting diode monitors, this screen type are good all-rounders that give bright pictures without consuming a lot of power
  • LCD: Also known as liquid crystal display, this screen type is the cheapest vertical monitor type
  • Touchscreen: This type of screen is great for using your PC as a tablet

Screen Size

There are different size vertical screens for sale. Generally, the bigger the horizontal screen the better, but this isn’t always the case for vertical monitors. Less than 20” can be good for basic tasks like reading emails. However, you will want a bigger screen for gaming or watching Netflix. If you will be using your screen for professional work or serious gaming, you may want to go for a 27” vertical monitor screen. The large vertical monitors may sound cool, but they can often be too big for their purpose, which causes a lot of people to return their monitor to the retailer.

Benefits of Vertical Monitors

Writing & reading – Most vertical monitor owners are writers and coders. The best vertical monitor for coding displays text in the most efficient way, kind of like how text is displayed in a book. As such, vertical monitors are great for those who work with text or code.

Save space – If you’re a writer/programmer that works from home, you can use the best pivot monitor to save on desk space. You get the same size of screen, but can fit more stuff onto your desk. In fact, you will be able to install multiple vertical monitors for the most efficient work station.

A wide monitor set-up is hard to look at, as you are forced to turn your head to see each corner of the screen(s). Vertical monitors take up minimal space on the horizontal plane, which means you only have to move your eyes, not your whole head.

Affordable – Vertical monitors are rarely used by the general population. As such, there isn’t such a high demand for them. Sometimes they are more expensive, but other times you can find great deals on overproduce units, allowing you to find cheap portrait monitors. Some vertical monitors are more expensive because they are able to transform between portrait and landscape. This extra feature is a great benefit, but will also greatly increase the price. As such, only buy a convertible vertical monitor if you will use the function, instead of only staying in vertical mode.

Why Do Programmers Use Vertical Monitors?

Coders and programmers will have noticed that vertical monitors are becoming increasingly popular in the industry. This is because vertical allow you to easily type of read code, which makes the job a lot more efficient.

Can Vertical Monitors Pivot Horizontally?

The great news is that the best monitor for portrait mode can pivot horizontally, which is great for those who do not want a portrait landscape 100% of the time. This is a massive benefit of vertical monitors, as it means you get the best of both worlds, and aren’t forced to own multiple monitors.


So, those are our most recommended and best monitors for vertical use. Although uncommon, these monitors are perfect for those who scroll through social media, create Word documents, write emails, search the web, write code, and more. Vertical monitors are also great for saving space and creating an efficient work station.

This article includes a buyer’s guide to help you make a decision. We talked about the main factors to look for, which includes size, resolution, affordability, display type, and refresh rate.

Overall, our favorite vertical monitor is the HP VH240A. We love that is has a Full HD screen that is an IPS and bezel-free. With that said, there are vertical monitos for different situations, so make sure to read our full guide to find the best vertical monitor for your exact needs.