Best Rabbit Ears Antenna

So, you’re looking for the best rabbit ears antenna for digital TV. Doing so will allow you to find more signals for your local TV. However, if you don’t know how to use them correctly, you may run into some issues. The following rabbit ear antennas for TV will give you the best chance of success. Let’s get started!

1. RCA ANT111E

We have a winner! This antenna has a sleek design, powerful signal capabilities, and supports various broadcast types.

In our opinion, this is the best rabbit ear antenna on the market. It has a slim build, is able to catch signals, and supports a huge range of broadcast types. This is a cheap rabbit ear antenna, yet has a strong build that should last for years. The impressive antenna is HDTV Energy Star Certified, which adds heaps of confidence to our choice.

The antenna has a stated signal range of 40 miles, but there are many factors to take into account to know whether this is enough for your situation. You must take into account the distance from broadcast tower, the type of terrain in your area, and where you place the antenna.  

The antenna works with 1080i HDTV broadcasts, which gives excellent sound and picture quality. As a versatile antenna, the device also works with FM broadcasts.

The flexibility doesn’t stop there, as you can extend/adjust the dipoles for both analog and digital channels. As a nice finishing touch, the bunny ear antenna has no-scuff pads on the bottom of the feet, which means you can safely move the device from spot to spot.


With a lifetime warranty, this antenna is from a brand you can trust.

Here have a rabbit ear antenna from one of the most well-known brands in the world, especially the US. As you would expect from this brand, the antenna comes with a lifetime warranty.

This is another affordable rabbit ear antenna that allows users to replace their satellite cables. In fact, you can watch Fox, CBS, ABC, and more, with no monthly cost.

The indoor rabbit ear antenna is able to receive both VHF and UHF signals, along with 1080p signal. You don’t have to worry about the audio or picture quality, as both are great.

It has a build that blends in with the rest of your home furniture. The rubber feet protect your furniture, while gripping to the surface to minimize the risk of the device falling over.

The only concern is for people who live in rural areas, as you may have to adjust the signal to prevent distortion. The good thing is that this antenna works with all HDTV brands, so it will defiantly work with your TV.


Here we have a discreet rabbit ear antenna that offers great quality.

The Fosmon is a triangular shaped antenna that allows to access channels for a one-time payment. You don’t have to pay monthly for a subscription. Just install the antenna, and away you go!

This is a HDTV antenna, which means it allows for 1080p resolution and clear images on your TV. It is even compatible with NextGen TV for 4K OTA Broadcasts. With that said, you need a TV tuner for this to happen.

The unique shape of this antenna is able to sit on multiple surfaces, whether you decide to put it on your shelf or fix it to the wall. The rabbit ears can be adjusted to your heart’s content, which allows you to find the best reception. For those who worry about longevity, Fosmon are kind enough to offer a lifetime product warranty, which gives ultimate confidence in the product.


Here we have another Philips rabbit ear antenna, but with a very unique design.

You can use the Philips SDV8201B antenna to gain access to your local TV stations for a one-time cost that won’t break the bank.

As you may see from the picture, this antenna has a sleek design that will fit in with the décor of any modern home.  Despite the small size, you will still gain access to your favorite local channels, including: CBS, PBS, and FOX.

The rabbit ears are able to receive VHF and UHF signals, which mean you can enjoy 1080p picture quality on your TV. The device has a rubber strip on the bottom, which protects your surface. Like with a few of the others, this antenna device comes with a lifetime warranty.


Here we have another antenna from GE. It features a loop design and two short rabbit ears.

Here we have another GE antenna that offer excellent reception and is able to catch multiple TV channels from your local broadcast tower. It has many similarities to the other antennas in this list. It gives crystal-clear images and an excellent sound too.

The loop rabbit ear design gives a unique appearance that allows it to work well in rural areas. We just wish that the rabbit ears were bigger, as it limits how well you can adjust to find the best signal. This is another antenna with lifetime product warranty, so you can use it with confidence.


The RCA ANT121Z is a cheap rabbit ear antenna that is easy to use and set-up.

The RCA antenna is a cheap and cheerful antenna that is easy to set-up and does what it is supposed to do. It is a HDTV compatible rabbit ear antenna, which means you can enjoy high quality images.

This is an Energy Star Certified antenna, which gives extra credibility and increases the confidence in those who own one. It has a sleek, all-black design that stays upright and won’t fall over.

The downside to this antenna is that the rabbit ears are not the strongest, so you will need to be extra careful when adjusting them. With that said, the antenna does catch signals well.

How to Find the Best Rabbit Ear Antenna Signal

Find your nearest broadcast tower

The first step is to angle the antenna at your local broadcast tower. You can do this via a source, like AntennaWeb. Using this website, you can simply enter your address to find your local tower. In fact, you just need the tower to be less than 30 miles away for a good reception.

You will also want to take note of the broadcast origin. You can do this by looking at the color-coded channels. Now, you would normally look for green lights, but you will want red or yellow for confirmation that you are good to go. The street level map allows you to see where the broadcast origin is, which means you can angle the antenna to get the perfect signal.

There are two types of broadcast, which are UHF and VHF. Rabbit ears will easily be able to pick up the stronger VHF signals. In fact, the newer antennas will have no problem with both types of broadcast.

Angle & set

The best way to improve your signal is to move the rabbit ear antenna closer to the window, instead of beside the TV. You will also want to ensure that the rabbit ears are away from the router to avoid any chance of interference.

The best angle for rabbit ear antennas is the V shape. Create this shape, and then point one ear at the broadcast tower. Now it is just a case of adjusting the ear until you have reached the perfect signal. Pointing both ears at the broadcast tower will allow for a wide signal barrel.


So, that is our list of the best rabbit ear antennas for TV. All antennas are designed to deliver superior reception and quality. They allow you to watch local TV without having to purchase satellite/cable TV.

To remind you, our best bunny ear antenna is the RCA ANT111E Indoor Digital TV Antenna. We love that it has clear reception, broadcasts well, and is affordable to many. The Fosmon HD TV antenna is a rabbit ear antenna for rural areas, where you need every chance possible to catch a signal.

At the end of the day, it will come down to your personal situation and requirements. The antennas in this article are each the “best of class” for their respected class, so you can easily find the best rabbit ears for tv reception that aligns with your needs.