Best Coolant for PC Water Cooling – Computer CPU Liquid Coolant Reviews

If you’re looking for the best PC water coolant, you have come to the correct place. This guide highlights a range of PC coolants that will keep your CPU and GPU at a cool temperature, so you can continue gaming or working hard.

If you’re using a powerful PC, you will likely notice the noise of fan trying to keep your system cool. In fact, the fan may be very loud if you use your PC for gaming and other demanding tasks.

Fans are effective in keeping your PC cool, but there is any product that can help even further. Using a liquid cooling system allows for the fastest processing possible. PC coolants are the best choice for individuals who own high-performance PCs that have demanding graphics, speed, and power. Without further ado, let’s jump into our recommend coolants.

1. XSPC EC6 High-Performance Premix Coolant

Here we have a pre-mixed PC coolant that will work as soon as it is applied.

The XSPC EC6 High-Performance Premix Coolant is our winner. It comes in many different colors, with our favorite being the blood-red. It is a coolant that is a vital part of any effective liquid cooling system.

The great thing is that the coolant arrives pre-mixed, so you don’t need to pour any liquids together or add other ingredients. A combination of corrosion inhibitors, non-toxic dyes, and vegetable extracts are used to create this PC coolant.

So why is this coolant so good for cooling your PC? Well, it has high thermal conductivity, but low electrical conductivity. This means it can safely cool your PC while keeping everything super-clean.

The little bottle will last a long time. In fact, 1000ml of this coolant should be enough to last you well over a year.

2. XSPC ECX Ultra Concentrate Coolant

The two bottles mix with purified water to create 1 liter of coolant.

Here we have a concentrated coolant that needs to be mixed before it is used. Even though it takes a little work, the result is a good one. In fact, you get 1 litre of coolant when both 100ml bottles are mixed together with purified water.

Like every good PC liquid coolant, the XSPC ECX Ultra Concentrate Coolant has high thermal conductivity and low electrical conductivity. These features come together to create a coolant that protects all hard components of your PC, whether that is steel, aluminium, or otherwise.

We love that the XSPC ECX Ultra Concentrate Coolant is approved by Titan Rig. This means you can safely use the coolant on all areas of your PC.

3. EKWB EK-CryoFuel Concentrate Coolant

Low in viscosity, this coolant provides thermal efficiency and maximum performance.

If you want a low viscosity PC coolant that provides thermal efficiency, you may want to take a closer look at the EKWB EK-CryoFuel Concentrate Coolant.

To create the coolant, the company produced a unique formula with a patent pending. Like all good coolants, it is non-toxic and doesn’t cause any sediment build-up in the cooling system.

With a cool color, the EKWB EK-CryoFuel Concentrate Coolant is a low viscosity liquid that won’t clog any part of your PC or hardware.

4. EKWB EK-CryoFuel Premix Coolant

Here we have a corrosion-resistant PC coolant that is low in viscosity.

If you want one of the most vivid PC coolants, you may want to try the This EKWB EK-CryoFuel Premix Coolant. It comes in an incredibly-rich range of colors that are all corrosion-resistant.

The non-toxic PC coolant has a chemical formulation that has a patent pending. It works to prevent sediment from building up in the liquid cooling system.

Another great aspect of the EKWB EK-CryoFuel Premix Coolant is how low it is in viscosity, which means it won’t damage or interfere with any important parts of your PC, but still works to keep your CPU and hardware cool.

Benefits of PC Coolants

Quiet – Using a liquid cooling system with your fan is the ultimate way to reduce heat. The PC coolant is able to reduce the heat so much, that the fan doesn’t have to work so hard. As such, this is the quietest way to reduce CPU/GPU heat in your PC.

More efficient – Simply put, air cooling doesn’t work as good as liquid cooling. Water is better at diffusing heat from your PC, as it has a high thermal conductivity when compared to air.

Localized cooling – The great thing about coolants is that they can be applied to any part of the PC, not just the GPU or CPU. It can be a good idea to apply coolant to the power supply.

Keeps GPUs cool – If you own a high-end GPU, you will be susceptible to overheating your PC. Those of you who enjoy gaming will likely have experienced their fan trying its best to keep you GPU cool. Using the best GPU coolant is the ultimate way to keep it cool.

Consistent coolness – Usually, fans only turn on when the GPU needs to be cooled down. This is reactive, not proactive. PC coolants will allow your PC to stay consistently cool.

Works with every PC – Even though most people buy coolants for gaming PCs, you can use a coolant for any type of computer. So, you can take advantage of using a water cooling system, regardless of which computer you own.

Save space – Powerful fans take a lot of space in your PC, especially if you need multiple fans to cool your high-performance PC. A liquid cooling system is a great alternative if you want to save space.


Coolants are excellent for both CPUs and GPUs. In fact, we think coolants are necessary products for gamers and individuals who spend a lot of time on their PC.

We hope this guide has helped you t find the best PC coolant for their specific needs. Our absolute favorite coolant is the XSPC EC6 High-Performance Premix Coolant (on Amazon), but all four products will give great results.

You can purchase the coolants in a number of colors, with the blood-red being the most popular. We love the pre-mixed coolants for PC, as they keep your PC cool with minimal effort required.