Best Omnidirectional TV Antennas

So, you’re looking for the best omnidirectional TV antenna. Well, you’ve come to the correct place! This article dives into omnidirectional antennas that are able to pick signals from any direction, which is the opposite of standard directional antennas. As you can imagine, omni directional antennas allow users to catch all possible channels, regardless of the direction that it is pointed. The huge benefit of omnidirectional over directional is its ability to catch more channels from all directions.

Below you will find our recommended omni directional TV antennas and an in-depth buyers guide to help you make a decision. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. ANTOP AT-415B 720° UFO

We have a winner! The AT-415B offers value for money and excellent signal.

In our opinion, the upgraded Antop AT-415B is the best omnidirectional hdtv antenna on the market. It has a high-quality build, offers value for money, and is made by a well-trusted brand. We also love the TV antenna can be used with any television (including HD), which allows all consumers to enjoy the product.

The AT415B receives signals from 720 degrees, which means signals can come from all directions. While doing this, the antenna also works to block signals that you do not want, which maintains a clear picture quality.

Another reason to choose the Antop antenna is that they are one of the most respected brands in the industry. They give excellent products and excellent support, which results in some of the best service you can receive. Unfortunately, this is not the case with every tech company out there.

It’s important that your antenna does not get damaged during adverse weather conditions. If so, you will not only waste your money, but you will also miss your favorite shows while you wait for a new antenna to be delivered. Fortunately, the AT-415B is UV-protected and can withstand from adverse conditions, such as storms and snow.

No one is buying an antenna just because it looks the best, but the design is still something worth mentioning. It has a simple design that can be easily installed by one person. In fact, this is a lightweight omnidirectional antenna that is easy to carry.

It’s now time to look at the product drawbacks. There aren’t many, but we can’t move on without giving out true thoughts. Although easy to set-up, we would appreciate if the antenna came with an instruction manual for extra help during installation. If you are having problems, you can always contact Antop for support.

In conclusion, the ANTOP AT-415B is our number one antenna on the market. It offers great value, excellent signal, and an unbeatable service. We had to try very hard to look for any negatives, and we could only complaing about the lack of user manual. So if you’re looking for an affordable omnidirectional antenna, take a closer look at the AT-415B.

2. 1byone 360° - Long Range

Here is a great omnidirectional antenna for long range.

If you’re looking for the best long range omnidirectional tv antenna, we recommend the 1byone 360°. In fact, the antenna receives signals from 150 miles. It is the only long range omni directional TV antenna in our list that can do that (reach 150 miles). As such, it is one of the strongest omnidirectional tv antennas.

One of the first features to talk about is 360 degrees rotation that is offered. This rotation allows you to reach position for the best signal quality. The 150 mile omnidirectional tv antenna also comes with weather protection, which means you can be confident that you won’t lose signal during wind or rain. Furthermore, the antenna has been treated with anti-UV coating.

The built-in amplifier allows for signals that are almost unbeatable, while also means that you don’t have to buy an external amplifier. You can use the 1byone omnidirectional antenna with multiple devices/TVs at the same time, which is great for houses with multiple TVs. The antenna can be used in RVs, trucks, indoors, or outdoors.

This is a portable omnidirectional TV antenna too. It is a circular antenna which weighs less than 5lb in weight.

To conclude, this is a great antenna, especially if you need an omnidirectional antenna for long rang use. However, the 150 mile single coverage is not guaranteed, as it will depend on the terrain and signal pollution. The antenna isn’t the best the catching VHF channels.

Installation is a simple job too. In fact, you should be able to install in on your own. The antenna is also affordable to many, so there are few reasons not to look closer at the 1byone antenna.

3. LAVA HD8008

This is a great omnidirectional TV antenna for city life.

If you want the best outdoor omnidirectional antenna, we invite you to take a closer look at the Lava HD8008. It is fitted with a number of advanced features, but is still affordable to most.

The main feature of the LAVA HD8008 is the built-in dipole, which improves both VHF and UHF signals. The impressive omnidirectional TV antenna offers up to 125 miles of coverage, but is most optimal at   40-80 miles.

The LAVA HD8008 is capable of receiving UHF, VHF, AND FM frequencies. The versatile antenna is improved even further with signal shield for minimized signal noise. With 360 degree flexibility, the antenna can be placed in nearly any place outside your home. The weather protection, which includes protection from UV rays, helps even further.

As perhaps the best omnidirectional outdoor tv antenna, the LAVA HD8008 should be fixed to the outside of your home. It has a unique winged design that weighs just over 7lb.

This is one of the top omnidirectional antennas, but the product isn’t perfect. Well, the product itself it amazing, but the service could be better. You will also need to manually scan for channels once you have the antenna installed, which isn’t a major negative.

In conclusion, we would say this is a great omnidirectional antenna for cities. It is very versatile, powerful, and picks up signals with ease. We also appreciate that it comes with a useful installation kit, so installing the device isn’t too difficult.

4. Winegard MS-3005 Metro Star

The MS-3005 is a compact antenna that covers 35 miles of signal.

The Ms-3005 Metro Star is one of the best HDTV omnidirectional antennas with built-in amplifier. Other notable features are the 360 degree flexibility and the HOA certification.  It is also compatible with both UHF and VHF frequencies, which makes the price even better than it looks.

The antenna is capable of receiving signals from a total distance of 35 miles. It isn’t the longest range omnidirectional antenna, but it does receive signals from all directions. We also love that the antenna works to support HD signals and 4K. It also comes with a built-in pre-amplifier that reduces interference with the cables and splitters.

The HOA certified omnidirectional antenna has a simple design that takes up very little space. In fact, it is one of the most compact antennas you can get. It is 14” wide, 6” high, and only 2.8lb in weight.

The negative of this antenna is the distance of only 35 miles. When looking at the other antennas in this review, you will notice that the MS-3005 comes up short.  In comparison, the 1byone offers 150 miles. The other negative to getting this antenna is the lack of weather protection, which again, is something the other antennas have.

To conclude, the MS-3005 is an affordable omnidirectional TV antenna that is compact and easy to set-up. It also covers both VHF and UHF signals. However, it’s a shame that the antenna only covers 35 miles of reception distance. Those who live near to their tower will have no problems and can take advantage of the device’s 4K transmission. So if you need the best short-range omnidirectional antenna, this may be the one for you.

5. Antennas Direct Clear stream 4

Here have an omnidirectional antenna for rural areas.

The Clear Stream 4 is a great omnidirectional antenna for medium distance. It offers coverage of up to 70 miles. In fact, we believe this is one of the greatest omnidirectional antennas for rural areas and residential locations.

The Clear stream 4 doesn’t have a range of cool features, but it does the job well. Use can use the multifunctional omnidirectional antenna indoors or outdoors, the decision is completely yours. We also love that this is a UHD 4K supported antenna.

The antenna has a unique loop design with beams on the sides, which work to receive signal from all angles. The built-in reflector helps with stopping other signals from interfering with your signal. The antenna has a weight of around 8lb.

Let’s talk about the negatives for a moment. To start with, the antenna doesn’t have as many features as the other antennas in this guide. The AT-415B 720° is the most feature-rich antenna.  The antenna is also not built quite as well as the other antennas. Oh, and there is no built-in signal amplifier. With that said, the antenna is easy to install and gives great performance in rural areas.

How to Find the Best Omnidirectional Antenna for TV?

We get it – you are fed up with using an expensive cable set-up. This feeling has led to you looking for the best omni directional attic antenna, which should save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

With the increase in tv antenna usage, there are no thousands of options on the market, which makes it hard to choose just one. The following tips will allow you to find the best omni directional tv antenna for your specific purpose. Keep the following in mind:


The range of your omnidriectional antenna is the most important factor to consider. Basically, you need a long range omnidirection tv antenna that will work in your specific location. For example, if the broadcast tower is positioned 70 miles from your house, but your omnidirectional tv antenna only works for 25 miles, you have just make a pointless purchase.

You can use an app to find out how far the broadcast tower is from your house, something like tv fool. We recommend buying a powerful omnidirectional tv antenna that can easily cover the distance. For example, get an antenna that covers 50 miles if your nearest broadcast tower is 15 miles away. This is because some antennas aren’t as powerful as they claim, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Indoor omnidirectional tv antenna Vs outdoor omnidirectional tv antenna

You have more flexibility when using indoor antennas, as they are more compact. As such, you can place an omni directional digital tv antenna behind the TV, against the window, on your wall, or even in your attic. Outdoor antennas are large and are attached to the outside of your home. The type of antenna you buy will depend on your exact needs and your specific location. The TV fool service will help you to decide.

Signals Amplifier

Now, you may think a signal amplifier is a good thing, but this isn’t always the case. The amplifier will increase the reception noise, which can negatively affect your picture quality. As such, you need to be careful about the amplified omnidirectional TV antenna that you buy. The list above contains a range of the best omnidirectional TV antennas with amp for signal. Antennas that give both long and short range signal amplification are able to restrict noise and block unwanted signals.

Set up

It’s recommended to buy an omnidirectional TV antenna that is easy to set-up. In fact, there are some antennas that can be set-up without the need for tools. The list above contains a range of easy set-up omnidirectional TV antennas.  

Weather Protection

If you’re buying one of the outdoor omnidirectional tv antennas for sale, you must think about weather protection. The antenna should be waterproof and UV protected at a minimum. Failure to do so can result in the weather interfering with the transmission and signal.

Antenna Gain

This represents how well the antenna can catch and amplify the signal. Basically, the higher the stated gain, the better your antenna will receive channels. The antenna gain is impacted but the direction of the antenna, although omnidirectional antennas receive signals from all directions.


Just like with any purchase, you should be careful about only buying from a trusted company. You may find some that look amazing and seem to offer great value for money, but these can break within months if you’re not careful. We recommend only purchasing from well-known brands, like 1byone, Lava, and Antop.

UHF omnidirectional TV antenna Vs VHF omnidirectional TV antenna

Different antennas work better for UHF channels or VHF channels. Typically, indoor antennas use UHF because it has a higher frequency that doesn’t last as long. UHF has a wavelength of 450 MHZ to 1.3 GHZ, which is more than VHF’s wavelength of 50 MHZ to 225 MHZ.

VHF has a higher wavelength, which means they need longer elements. With this is mind, it is clear to see indoor antennas use UHF and outdoor antennas use VHF. With that said; there are some antennas that offer both VHF and UHF, which provides the greatest amount of freedom to the customer.


So, those are our best omnidirectional tv antennas for sale. From starting with over 35 models, we have ended with only 5 of the very best. Each tv antenna is recommended for specific purposes, so be sure to read the text properly.

If there is anything else that you want to know, please do send us a message. We invite you to send this article to your friends and family if you found it helpful.