Best Network Switches for Gaming on PC, Xbox, and PS5

Many of us use Ethernet cables to increase performance, but sometimes our routers don’t have enough ports. Fortunately, you can use a gaming network switch to increase the amount of ports you can use. In this guide, we dive into what you need to consider when looking for a new network switch for gaming.

In a hurry? The Netgear GS810EMX (Amazon link) is our top choice. It comes with ten Gigabit Ethernet ports, with two of those featuring Gigabit 10 technology, which simply isn’t found on other network switches.

1. Netgear GS810EMX

Want the premium choice? The GS810EMX says hello.

If you want the best performing network switch for gaming, the GS810EMX is a great first choice.  It comes with a total of ten Gigabit Ethernet ports, with two of those having Gigabit 10 technology. This level of specification simply isn’t found on other network switches. The device runs at less than 3.2 micro seconds with an official 1Gbps speed.

One of our favorite features is the ability to control the LED color to your exact preference. When we say this is a premium network switch, we mean it!

The switch is perfect for gamers. It comes with port-based QoS, which allows users to focus on specific ports. Essentially, you can tell the device to prioritize the connection to your console or PC.

The VLAN allows users to isolate their games console from any other device on the same network, which improves the flow of traffic for a smooth gaming experience. The link aggregation technology works to improve the speed of every link.

Although this is the best network switch for PC gaming, the device does cost more than others on the market. Some individuals can afford the premium choice, whereas others simply won’t need to pay extra for these advanced features.

2. TP-Link TL-SG105

This is the best budget network switch for gaming.

Perhaps you want the advantages of a network switch for gaming, but the Netgear GS810EMX is slightly out of your price range? If so, the TP-Link TL-SG105 is a wise choice. It lacks the advanced features, but is one of the most reliable and affordable switches you can buy. Simply put, this is an unmanaged switch with five ports.

Each of the ports are full-duplex and Gigabit, which means data is processed at super-fast speeds. In fact, 2,000Mbps is possible with this technology.

The TL-SG105 has a compact design that won’t take up much space on your desk. In fact, you can even mount the device onto the wall.

The slight concern about using this network switch is the drop in speed when other devices are connected. In fact, some readers report that speeds dropped consirderably after three Ethernet cables were connected. Some individuals claim that the whole network lost connection when an additional connection was made, which isn’t ideal if you are sharing the switch with other members in your household.

3. Ubiquiti UniFi

Here we have a managed network switch for gaming.

If you would prefer to have a managed network switch for gaming, the Ubiquiti UniFi performs well, has a compact design, and advanced features. In fact, you can use this managed switched to create your own UniFi ecosystem.

As you may see in the picture, the switch has a sleek design and silver colour. You will find all 24 ports to the left of the device, with power connection and product information on the back.

This is a 24 Gigabit port network switch, but you can also purchase models with 8 ports, 16 ports, and 48 ports. The devices also come with additional SFP ports, which allow users to install fiber-optic SFP modules. All ports held to 802.1af and 802.1at POE standards, which is great for those who want to push power to additional devices.

The UniFi controller software is the most attractive feature with this switch. It allows users to manage the entire network remotely and with ease. This feaure includes advanced monitoring, remote upgrades, and guest set-up. It’s even better when you own a number of different UniFi products, as you can control your whole ecosystem.

The only slight negative of this Ethernet switch is the noise. It isn’t the loudest piece of equipment, but is slightly louder than other switches on the market. The price is also slightly more expensive than switches with a similar specification, although we believe the UniFi network controller is more than worth the price.

4. Netgear GS316

Here we have an unmanaged network switch for gaming.

If you would prefer an unmanaged network switch for gaming, the Netgear GS316 is a great choice. It offers excellent performance, high amount of ports, and is super-simple to set-up.

Netgear offer multiple models, each with a different amount of ports. The GS316 has 16 Gigabit ports, so is ideal for the average home. It will allow you to connect your gaming PC or any other compatible device you own.

Unlike the unmanaged switch above, the GS316 can be turned on, plugged into the device, and then used. Managed switches are ideal for people who dislike downloading software or complicated configuration processes.

In regards to the build, the GS316 is wide and fanless. All 16 of the ports are positioned on one side of the device, with a power LED light sitting opposite. The lack of a fan results in a product that stays quiet at all times. The only slight negative of the build is that it lacks a wall mount, which means it has to be stood up on a flat surface.


With 24 ports, this is the network switch with the most ports.

If you need an Ethernet connection for 10+ devices, then the TRENDnet TEG-S24DG is a good choice. It comes with a total of 24 ports, which allows you to connect to your gaming console, while also being connected to every other device in your home.

All ports are Gigabit for the fastest network connection possible. It has an official switching capacity of 46Gbps, which allows data to flow without bottlenecks. The full-duplex network switch for gaming can transfer data at a rate of 2,000Mbps.

The network switch is fitted with GREENnet technology, which can reduce power consumption by up to 70%. This technology works by reducing port power when the links aren’t being utilized, switching to stand-by mode when the devices aren’t on, and delivering less power to shorter Ethernet cables. Energy costs are saved further, thanks to the fanless design that works silently.

As an unmanaged switch, the TEG-S24DG has virtually zero set-up time. All you need to do is power the network switch, and then connect your devices. The only slight complaint is the lack of rack ears, which means a network rack cannot be installed.


So, those are the best network switches for gameplay. All devices in this guide are designed to improve your gaming experience by allowing for a super-fast Ethernet connection.

It’s important to consider a range of factors before purchasing your next network switch. You will need to think about the port quantity, compatibility, and price – amongst other things.

To confirm, our top network switch for Xbox and PS5 gaming is the Netgear GS810EMX. It has a total of ten Gigabit Ethernet ports, with two of those being 10 Gigabit ports, which simply isn’t found on other network switches.