Best Monitors For RTX 3070 Graphics Card

The RTX 3070 graphics card is a great addition to any gaming system that has been built or upgraded in the past few years. With this powerful GPU, you will be able to play all of your favorite games on ultra settings and with excellent frame rates.

However, not every monitor out there is compatible with the RTX 3070 graphics card. In this guide, we review my favorite RTX 3070 compatible monitors. Let’s dive in…

Best Monitors For RTX 3070

  1. Acer Predator XB271HU – 1440p Monitor
  2. ASUS VG258QR – 1080p Monitor
  3. LG 34UM68-P – UltraWide Monitor

1. Acer Predator XB271HU

Want a 1440p monitor to pair with RTX 3070? The XB271HU says hello.



Want a 1080p monitor to pair with RTX 3060? The VG258QR may interest you.

If you want a 1080p monitor

What to Consider?

There are a number of factors to consider when you’re looking for the best monitor for RTX 3070 Graphics Card. Here, we will explore four different aspects that affect your gaming experience: resolution, refresh rate, size, and type of panel. Let’s take a look at what these variables mean!

Resolution – The higher the resolution on the screen, the more pixels can fit in an area (or display). A larger number means better graphics quality but lower frame rates- so it all depends on how important specs like high frames per second or ultra HD visuals are to you! For example; 1920×1080 has nearly 144ppi while 3840×1600 only has 76 ppi. This difference may not be noticeable depending on your monitor size.

Refresh Rate – A fast refresh rate is important for a smooth experience with no lag or tearing thanks to the GPU’s ability to push out frames in rapid succession, typically at 120Hz and above. If you are looking for an ultrawide monitor then this specification won’t be as crucial but if you’re playing competitive games like CSGO, FPS games on high settings or racing titles then make sure that your desired panel supports it! The higher the number (e.g 60hz vs 75 hz), the less likely there will be any screen tears that can affect visibility when gaming and create a more immersive experience.

Size – When you are looking for the best monitor for RTX 3070 Graphics Card, size should be a consideration closely related to resolution and panel type. There is no point in getting an ultra high-res screen with a tiny viewing area!

Panel Type – Depending on your requirements, there are different types of panels available which each have their own pros and cons. TN Panels (Twisted Nematic) typically provide faster refresh rates but lower color accuracy while IPS Panels (In Plane Switching) offer better color reproduction at the cost of slower response times or laggy gameplay when compared to other more expensive options like VA Panels (Vertical Alignment). Some popular panel manufacturers include AUO, LG Display Co Ltd, Samsung, and AU Optronics.