Best Monitor for RTX 3090 Graphics Card

Just because RTX graphics cards are the latest and greatest doesn’t mean they can use just any monitor. The best monitors for RTX 3090 graphics cards will have a high refresh rate, low response time, and G-SYNC compatibility. In this post, we’ll discuss these features, and why they’re important.

Best Monitor for RTX 3090

1. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series

Want a curved monitor to pair with RTX 3090? The Samsung Odyssey says hello.

The Samsung Odyssey G7 is a 27-inch monitor that comes with a 144hz refresh rate and NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility. This is the best choice for gamers who want to make sure they’re getting as much out of their RTX graphics card as possible.

2. BenQ PD3220U

Want a 4K monitor to pair with RTX 3090? The BenQ says hello.

The BenQ PD3220U is a 32-inch monitor that comes with HDR compatibility. This means games will look especially good on this model, and the richer colors are much nicer to see than plain black or white backgrounds.

What to Consider?

There are a number of factors to consider when you’re looking for the best monitor for the RTX 3090 Graphics Card. Here, we will explore four different aspects that affect your gaming experience: resolution, refresh rate, size, and type of panel. Let’s take a look at what these variables mean!

Resolution – The resolution of your screen is one way to determine how sharp the images on it are. Higher resolutions can make text clearer, and provide a crisper picture for viewing photos or videos. If you’re using an RTX 3090 graphics card, a resolution of 1440p is recommended.

Refresh Rate – Refresh rate refers to the number of frames per second that your monitor can show at once. A higher refresh rate means smoother gameplay because there’s less “lag” between when your input tells the game what move you want to make and when it shows up on-screen.

For those with RTX 3090 Graphics Cards, choose 144hz monitors because they will have enough processing power to match the graphics card.

Size – Size is another important factor in your gaming experience. You want a monitor that’s large enough for you to feel immersed because it will help reduce eye strain and let you see more detail on-screen.

If you’re using an RTX 3090 Graphics Cards, then we recommend 32 inches or larger models as they can take advantage of HDR gameplay without any scaling issues like with smaller monitors (which may cause blurriness).

Type of Panel – The type of panel determines how good colors look on the screen. Different types have different advantages: IPS panels are better for darkroom use while TN panels offer faster response times, which is great if games give you motion sickness and VA offers deep blacks but has slower response times.

If you’re using an RTX 3090 Graphics Card, then we suggest IPS panels for their great contrast and viewing angles.


In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when you’re looking for the best monitor for RTX 3090 graphics card. We recommend IPS panels because they offer great contrast and viewing angles, but TN monitors will have faster response times which may be beneficial if games give you motion sickness.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you prefer and the games that you play. But when it comes to RTX 3090 Graphics Cards, we recommend 27-inch monitors with a 144hz refresh rate or higher for smooth gameplay without lag.

My choice: The Samsung Odyssey GX27 is a 27-inch monitor with HDR compatibility and 144hz refresh rate. This model has everything you need to optimize your gaming experience so it’s perfect for gamers who want the best graphics card on the market today.