The Best Headphones With Detachable Cables (and Earbuds)

In the modern world, we are always on our laptops and phones listening to music or watching movies. There are many different types of headphones now on the market, with the latest trend for headphones with detachable cables.

This type of headphone is great because the cable can be replaced if it breaks. Simply replace the cable and you can keep your high-quality headphones. Without further ado, here are our favourites.


If you want the best sound, the Audio Technica ATH-M50x is the one for you.

Look anywhere on the internet, and you will see massive praise for these headphones. You’ll especially notice that these are widely-reported as the best sounding headphones with detachable cables.

The Technica comes with a pack of three cables – 3m (9.8ft) straight cable, 1.2m (3.9ft) straight cable, and 1.2m – 3m (3.9ft – 9.8ft) coiled cable. With a long cable, short cable, and coiled cable, you have a lot of options. However, we are disappointed that none of these cables have an integrated microphone or remote.

In regards to comfort, users will love the padded earcups that swivel smoothly on two axes. These earcups do a great job at cancelling external noise, although they don’t have active noise-cancelling technology, but that’s expected in this price bracket.

The folding headphones with detachable cable are great for portability. They even come with a soft carry case for storage, although this is essentially a small bag (nothing fancy).

As we previously mentioned, the ATH-M50x headphones have a high-quality sound that is difficult to fault. They have a great dynamic impact, spacious stereo imaging, and an accurate tonal balance. Built for use with monitors, it makes sense that the headphones don’t have a microphone; although this is something we hope they include in future models.

To sum up, the Audio Technica M50x has one of the best sounds, especially in its price range. If the sound quality is your most important feature, these would be our favourites.


With a closed-back design, these headphones are great for those who want an isolated sound.

The Sennheiser HD 569 comes packed with a set of two interchangeable cables – one with a 3.5mm stereo plug, the other with a ¼” stereo plug.

This is the ideal headphone if you don’t want any leaks in sound. If you want to be able to hear the environment around you, it would be a good idea to look elsewhere.  These are ideal for noise cancellation and isolation, like if you want to listen to your music when on a loud bus or train.

The headphones have a plastic built, although they are in no way weak or prone to breaking. Users will also love how the earpads are well-padded and big enough to fully cover the ears.

These are the best headphones with detachable cable for smartphone users. Why? The Sennheiser HD 569 has a low impedance of just 23 ohms. The headphones give a loud volume, with a low distortion that is only seen on the more expensive models. Sennheiser have a great reputation when it comes to sound/audio quality. In fact, very little beats these headphones in this department.

To conclude, the Sennheiser HD 469 is our overall best headphone that comes with detachable cable. They have many positives, but near zero negatives. In fact, the only complaint is the clipped high end which isn’t the best for rock music. With that said, the amazing midrange and flat sound is impressive to even the strictest of audiophiles. The addition of a warranty booklet inside the box is also a nice touch.


The Philips SHP9500 is an affordable option that offers high comfort.

In a lower price bracket, these headphones with detachable cord offer great value for money. Combined with the affordability, these are a very comfortable headphone that allows for superior breathability. The only slight issue is that the earpads are not replaceable.

Now, these headphones give a fantastic sound, but they are more of an entry-level headphone for audiophiles. They give good feedback with games, music, and films. The headphones are also loud, which is good and bad. The advantage is that you can listen to your favourite tunes at full-blast. It only becomes a problem if you are in crowded areas where the sound can leak.

The headphones come with a single detachable cable measuring 1.5m in length. This is a good length, but we would prefer other options too. These headphones are large in size and aren’t able to fold down in size.  They also don’t with any carry bag, which means the only real way to carry them is via a backpack. There are definitely more portable headphones on the market.

To conclude, the SHP9500 headphones offer high comfort and affordability. They are a smart choice for those who want loud and high-quality sound from the comfort of their home.  The only issue is the open back design tends to leak a lot of sound, so these aren’t the best for high-volume listening in public places.


If you prefer earbuds, the KZ ZSN takes the top spot.

If you want the best earbuds with detachable cable, the KZ ZSN is our choice. Although affordable and portable, the in-ear monitor (IEM) earbuds also have fantastic sound quality with a well-balanced sound profile. With that said, the earbuds are better suited for bass-heavy music.

One of the first things you may notice about these IEM earbuds with detachable cable is the transparent housing and metal back plate. In a world full of boring designs, this aesthetic design sure catches the eye. Our favourite is the purple. As well as good looking, the earbuds fit comfortably in the ear and offer a secure fit.

The earphones have the detachable bi-pin cable that allows you to replace cables with ease. In fact, KZ produce a range of their own bluetooth cables if you prefer to use them that way.

Although not on par with the top-end noise-cancellation headphones that are great at isolating sounds, the KZ ZSN do an okay job at blocking out external sounds. The in-ear fit won’t isolate lower-end noises when commuting in loud environments, which is a shame.

Overall, if you want earbuds with detachable cables for everyday use, these are the ones we like the best. They have a solid build that offers great breathability and portability, which makes them ideal for running and other sports.


The MEE M6 PRO are an affordable earbud with detachable cable.

The M6 Pro is an affordable IEM earbud with detachable cables. If you want a pair of earbuds that offer great value for money, the M6 is one of the market favourites.  They have better-than-average sound quality and a below average price point. The M6 Pro also comes with an extra pair of comply tips for increased noise isolation.

Now, for such a budget option, you can’t expect the same sound quality as from the headphones positioned first in this list, but they are great for casual listening. Unlike others in this review, these are ideal for listening to music while commuting. They leak hardly any sound, which allows you to crank the volume to the max. The earbuds are also easy to carry around in the carry case.

You wouldn’t expect it, but the earbuds come with a range of cool accessories. You get: two detachable cables, ¼ inch adapter, six sets of silicone tips, and a carry case.

To sum up, these are the top earbuds in the price bracket. They are a great choice for casual listening and for wearing while playing sport.