Best Headphones for School Classrooms | Computer Lab & Other Lessons

Headphones offer many benefits to school classrooms, especially for children with hearing impairments. The best school headphones allow children to stay focused on their work with zero outside distractions.

This article reviews a range of school classroom headphones that won’t let your students down. Hopefully, you be able to use the information to find the best classroom headphones for your specific needs. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Elecder i37 Kids Headphones

These headphones offer great value and are available in a range of colors.

Offering unbeatable value, the Elecder i37 Kids Headphones (here on Amazon) are our best headphones for school classrooms. Perhaps the most thing you notice is the massive array of color combinations available, which are all fun designs that the students will love.

These headphones are durable enough for school use, with a special mention for the high-quality cord that almost never tangles. The adjustable head band means the headphones will suit students of all sizes. In fact, they can be worn by both 4-year-olds and 13-year-olds alike – phew! They may be the best headphone for kindergarten classrooms, due to their colourful designs and ease of use.

The foldable headphones for school give a superior sound thanks to the 40mm drivers and Hi-Fi bass. An immersive experience is created with soft earmuffs that surround the ear completely, which blocks unwanted noises.

2. LilGadgets Untangle Pro Kid

These smart headphones come with Bluetooth and SharePort.

Here we have some Bluetooth headphones that are built specifically for children. The features don’t stop at the Bluetooth functionality either, as they have volume limitations and come with SharePort, which allows the students to share without the need for a splitter. This means you can have small groups sharing the same sound, whereas different groups can share a different sound, which is great for team challenges.

Comfort isn’t a worry either, as the headphones are covered with a soft material that allows the skin to breath. The extenders are fully-adjustable, so students of all ages and sizes can use them.

3. Skullcandy Grind On-Ear

These are some of the coolest looking headphones you can get.

If you want to experience some of the best quality sounds available, you may want to take a closer look at the Skullcandy Grind On-Ear Headphones (here on Amazon). The thing we love about these headphones is the buttons found on the outside, which allow you to play, pause, change song, and even make phone calls.

This is a wired headphone for school, but they also make a wireless alternative called Uproar. These headphones come with many features, which may not be need for classroom. Still, we had to include these in our list. We think these headphones are most appropriate for teenage students that will understand how to use the more complicated features.

4. NUBWO Gaming Headsets

These are high-quality headphones that are ideal for gaming or music.

These headphones are the ultimate school headphones for blocking noise. They are also great for gaming, so students will love them! The headphones give a great sound quality that works perfectly for music class or learning languages.

Unlike the Skullcandy headphones above, the Nubwo gaming headset has well-padded ear cups that allow for prolonged comfortable use. These ear cups are also great at blocking ambient noise from entering the wearer’s ear canal. Another feature worth mentioning is the volume adjuster found on the side of the headphone.

5. 10-Pack Bulk Classroom Headphones

Made specifically for the classroom, discover a bulk pack of classroom headphones.

If you are looking to invest in headphones for your whole class, it could be a good idea to get a bulk deal. Here we have a pack of 10 headphones that are designed specifically for classrooms. They are strong, comfortable to wear, and give accurate sounds.

It’s great that they are adjustable too, so that kids of all sizes and ages can enjoy wearing them. The simple design means they are easy to keep clean after they are used. With care and respect, the headphones should last for many years

The Benefits of Classroom Headphones

It can be hard to get students to focus in class, especially as classrooms social-settings that contain dozens of students. This opens for door for distractions, and even if the student is focused, they may not be able to hear what you are saying. One solution is to use headphones.

The children of today have a lot of experience using headphones, whether that’s playing games with their friends or listening to music. In fact, they have been raised on receiving information via headphones and ear-buds.

Headphones are the ultimate way for your students to connect with the lesson. It allows them to stay focus on what is coming out of the speakers, not what their friend is doing. There are noise blocking headphones for school on the market that allow students to think deeper and put 100% concentration into their work.

Headphones also open other doors for more interactive lessons. For example, you can could songs or quiz questions into the headphones, which is a great way to make the lessons more fun and interactive. Students will feel like they are taking part in the class activity, rather than just being talked at.

They also allow teachers to have 1-on-1 time with the students, instead to talking to the whole class at the same time. This is especially useful to students who tend to lose their concentration during class.

How to Find the Best Headphones for School Children?

There are many factors to consider before you can best the most suitable headphones for your specific situation. There are wireless, wired, Bluetooth compatible, headphones with microphones for schools, and more.

This guide aims to help you find which headphones are best for your needs. For example, there is no need spending extra for Bluetooth headphones if you will never use that function in your classroom lessons. Please take the following factors into account before investing in your new headphones for school lessons.


As school can be a lively environment, you will want the most durable headphones for classroom lessons. You see, young students enjoy playing with moving parts, which can result in breakages and lost parts.

It can be a good idea to get school headphones that have metal components, instead of plastic (but plastic coating is fine). School headphones with nylon cords are also a great idea, as they will tangle less and last longer.

A good tip is to take five minutes to teach the students how to handle the headphones and not to play with them. For ultimate longevity, the headphones should be stored away after they have been used.

Sound quality

It goes without saying, but you want school headphones with excellent sound quality. This will allow the kids to hear every word spoken, which will maximise their focus and motivation. Sound static can result in the student not being able to hear what you are saying, which is especially bad during foreign language class.

Students regularly use headphones to play games; so many kids will have experience using high quality headphones with the best sound. If your headphones are not up to their standards, they may lose interest in using them.


Whether you need adult headphones or headphones for primary school use, students aren’t going to wear uncomfortable headphone. We need comfortable school headphones that will allow the kids to focus and have fun. The headphone should have a small cushion that acts as a buffer between the plastic and the skin. They are also perfect for blocking unwanted noises from interfering with the sound.

Adjustable school headphones are also a necessity, as students grow at different rates. It’ll also allow the 4th graders to use the same headphones as a 12th grader. No matter how comfortable the headphones are, you still may want to limit their usage, so that the children don’t experience discomfort.

Easy to clean

It’s important that the headphones are easy to clean. Students will be sharing their headphones with others, so hygiene does become a concern. Over-ear cup are the ideal choice, as they don’t get inside the ear. They can also be cleaned with a wipe very easily.

Volume control

People have different hearing sensitivities, which mean some noises will be too loud for some students, while being too quiet for others. You may want to get some headphones with volume control, so that the students can adjust the volume to their exact preference.

Wireless headphones for school

This type of headphone is ideal for when you want students to share or move around the classroom. Essentially, it means cables can’t tangle together or cause someone to trip over. To find the best wireless headphones for school classrooms, you need to consider the frequency, charging time, transmitter distance, and battery life.

It’s important that you select a different frequency if there are other wireless devices in the same classroom or area of school. If not, the sound will be contaminated. On a similar train of thought, the transmitter needs to be within reach of all students wearing the headphones.

You need to consider whether you will have time to charge the headphones in-between lessons. Wireless headphones are great, but you may need to recharge them for a few hours, so bear this in mind. The last thing you want to happen is for your headphones to run out of battery mid lesson! The best wireless school headphones can give 40 hours of battery life, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Headsets with a microphone

You can get headsets for classrooms that come with a microphone attached. These devices are great for cross-classroom communication for ultimate participation and engagement. Perhaps the best application for headsets is for language classes, where the students can practise their speech via the microphone.

This type of headset also makes it easy to have video conferences with experts and teachers from other locations. With every student having their own headset, they can ask questions directly to the guest, and all students will be able to hear the answer.

Non-electronic headphones for classrooms

You can also get noise-blocking headphones for school that aren’t electric. This is a type of computer lab headphone uses a few methods to block outside noises. Most noise-blocking classroom headphones work by using tight-fitting ear covers to seal the ear away from the unwanted sound waves.


Allowing your students to use headphones in the classroom can allow them to hear and stay focused a lot easier. In fact, they can be one of the easiest ways to increase motivation.

You can use classroom headphones to give students the education they deserve, so what are you waiting for? We hope you have enjoyed reading our article, and now feel like you have the necessary information needed to make an informed choice.