Best FM Antenna for Bose Wave Radio

So, you’re looking for the best FM antenna for Bose wave radio. You’ve arrived at the correct place! This guide dives into the benefits of using an external antenna for Bose wave radios, and which ones are the best on the market.

Now, Bose radios offer high-quality sound and a range of other cool benefits. However, the reception can sometimes cause problems that disrupt the sound. Bose radios use the power cable as the signal antenna, but this isn’t optimal for maximum performance.

The solution is to install a Bose wave FM antenna, which will vastly improve the signal quality. This article includes three of the best antennas for Bose wave radio. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Superbat FM Telescopic Antenna Kit

An affordable kid that includes an antenna and 3 types of connectors.

From Shenzhen Superbat Electronics, a brand that is getting more and more popular, this antenna is our best FM antenna for Bose radios. With such high quality, you would think that this would be expensive, but this is a cheap FM antenna for Bose radio.

You get more than an antenna too, as this is a whole kit. Open the kit to discover three connectors, which are: F female to PAL male, 3.5mm connector, and F female to PAL female. These options allow you to use the antenna with any type of radio. The screw-on installation also makes the installation process super-simple.

This is a telescopic FM antenna for Bose radio, which is why it is first in this review. Unlike cable antennas that have to be taped to the walls of your room or car, a telescopic device is a simple solution. It can be retracted to its smallest size and hidden while it isn’t being used.

It is a small piece of equipment that you can retract and hide behind the stereo when you’re not listening to it. The antenna is small when retracted, but pulls out to a long length of 5.3 inches.

The antenna gives excellent reception. In fact, the signal quality will improve as soon as you plug it in. The powerful 75-ohm antenna allows you to pick up a range of stations, where you can enjoy high quality sound.

2. Ancable F Type Antenna with 3.5mm to Coaxial Adapter

Ancable is one of the most respected cable brands in the world, and F Type Antenna is one to look at.

Here we have an antenna from one of the most popular cable brands in the US. They are well-known for their USB, HMDI, and DVI cables, but they are not gaining recognition for their antenna cables.

The F-Type antenna will work as soon as you plug it in, where it will instantly improve the reception. All of us have had to deal with cables that are too short for our needs, which is why you will appreciate the 5.9 foot length of this f-type Bose radio antenna.

This long cable can be tapped to the perimeter of your car of room wall, which allows you to position the antenna in the perfect position. It is incredibly easy to install this antenna too. In fact, it’ll work as soon as it is plugged into a power source. It comes pre attached with a connector, and even comes with a 3.5mm adapter if you need an audio jack type of connection.

We love that this antenna is highly compatible too. As well as being a Bose compatible antenna, you can use many other stereos with the antenna.  Yamaha, Sony, Panasonic, etc…

3. Bose Wave FM Antenna

When using a Bose wave radio, you may want to use an antenna from the same brand.

Here we have a cable antenna from Bose themselves! If you’re looking for ultimate compatibility, this antenna may be the one for you. If you thought the cable above was long, you will be amazed at the length of this one. Measuring 9 feet in length, this cable antenna allows you to reach places you never thought you could.

The cable has a thin diameter that is discreet when placed in your home or car. It can be ran up the wall or kept low on at the floor level for ultimate discretion. The white color of the cable helps even further.

The antenna is super-easy to use. The design features a 3mm jack at the end, which means you simply need to plug it in to start improving your signal and picking up every channel. This is one of the best Bose compatible antennas on the market, which works with all Bose radio models available, such as the Wave system, Acoustic Wave system, and Wave radio 2. While being designed for Bose radios, the antenna also works with a number of stereo systems, thanks to the universal 3.5mm port.

How to Find the Best FM Antenna for Bose Wave Radio?

As a Bose radio owner, you may be aware that the power cable acts as an antenna. However, this power cable doesn’t give a good signal reception, especially if you live in a city. The solution is to find a FM antenna for your Bose radio. However, not all antennas are recommended. Please consider the following factors before making a purchase:


Measure in ohms, impedance shows the electrical energy flow’s degree of resistance. FM antennas can be either 50 ohms or 75 ohms. The former gives more power, but they are more expensive and noisier. The later are more popular as they are great at filtering out the noise and picking up great signals. Oh, and they are generally cheaper.

Type of antenna

You can get two different types of Bose radio antenna, which are telescopic antennas and cable antennas. Telescopic antennas are able to retract, which makes them ideal for having a low-profile set-up. Cable antennas are the best for finding the perfect signal. Cables antennas with a long cable are ideal, as it makes it easy to move the antenna to different spots around the room.

Ease of use

Everyone wants an antenna that is easy to install. After all, who want to spend hours trying to catch the perfect signal? You should look at the connector type. The easiest Bose wave antennas to install are the ones that can simply be plugged in via 3.5mm jack or just screwed into place.


You want a high-quality antenna that will last for years and years. You can see the quality of an antenna by inspecting the materials used. For example, cables should be coated in a tough rubber. The telescopic antennas should be crafted from high-quality steel or copper. These types of antenna should last for a very long time.

Connector type

Your radio needs a certain type of connector. The connector will typically be an F-Type or a 3mm jack. Other types include the N-type, SMA, or BNC connector. Your Bose radio will likely need an F-type, but be sure to check that your antenna has the correct connector type.


How does a Bose wave radio get a signal without a visible antenna?

Bose radios have power cables that work as antennas. As such, the stereo is still receiving a signal, even though you cannot visible see any physical antenna. However, this built-in antenna isn’t the best at receiving signals, which is why people like to buy a separate antenna for Bose wave radio.

How to improve the signal on Bose radio?

There is a high chance of other devices are causing interference. As such, you should try to move the antenna to another location free from other devices or near to the window. If you are using the standard power cable, then you may need to straighten the cable.

How to attach an antenna to a Bose wave stereo?

Luckily, it is easy to attach an antenna to a Bose wave stereo. The devices have FM ports on the back, where you can simply plug-in the antenna.

Can you use a Bose antenna with other radios?

When talking about antenna compatibility, you need to take note of the frequency, which is usually FM or AM. The FM frequency ranges from 88 to 108 Mhz, and the AM frequency ranges from 550 to 1720 Khz. As such, FM antennas can be used with FM stereos.


So, we hope you have now found the best Bose wave radio FM antenna for your specific situation. All antennas in this review are built to a high standard, receive excellent reviews, and should give a great signal reception.

If you’re looking for an affordable FM antenna for Bose wave radio, all three in this guide are good choices. They are also easy to install, which is very important. Another important factor is to check the connector to make sure it is compatible with the adapter on your Bose radio.