Best Classroom Light Filters & Covers

You’re likely here because you want to find the best light covers for sale. Well, you’re in luck! This article looks at a range of light filters that all negate the negative effects fluorescent lights have on us.

In fact, fluorescent light can have a huge impact on how children behave. Using a light cover will block the fluorescent light, and allow the children to learn is a safe and effective manner. Let’s dive in…

1. GlareShade Fluorescent Light Filter Diffuser Covers

In blue shade, these are available in packs of five and ten.

We start with the very best light covers for classroom lights. With enough to cover every classroom light, you can choose between packs of five or ten. The blue classroom filters are the perfect shade for protecting children from fluorescent light. Essentially, they work by diffusing the bright lights than shine down into the kid’s eyes.

Other features include flame retardant fabric, being able to fit nearly all light fixtures, and the face they are fitted with ten magnets for a stronger fit.

2. Educational Insights Fluorescent Light Filters

Discover a set of four large light covers for classroom use.

Here we have a set of four classroom light covers. They are white and large enough to fit over nearly all ceiling light fixtures. In fact, each cover measures 4 x 2 feet in size. The white covers reduce the amount of fluorescent light, but still allow a decent amount of light to shine through. They are also fire retardant for ultimate safety.

3. Fluorescent Light Filters

From the same company as those above, these covers feature a cool pattern and block more light.

Just like the light covers listed above, here we have some light covers that are made by Educational Insights. However, these covers are designed to block a lot more light. They also feature a cool pattern, which is perfect for adding more fun and character to the classroom. They are also flame retardant.

4. Everyday Educate Fluorescent Light Covers

Here we have a set of four off-white light covers at 24" x 48".

Discover a set of four light covers in off-white. This shade is great for diffusing light, which creates a soft glow of light in the classroom. The off-white classroom light filters measure 24” x 48”, which means they fit most light fixtures around the world. This color is great for maintaining the aesthetic of the classroom, unlike the blue covers that are seen as soon as you enter the classroom.

5. Abilitations Cozy Shades Softening Light Filters

Want a funky classroom? These light covers are perfect.

Unlike the other light covers in this guide, here we have a set of light covers that come in a range of funky colors. If you want to add fun to your classroom, these are the ones you need…

These are also one of the largest light covers you can buy. They measure 54” x 24”, which means there shouldn’t be any light fixture that they do not fit. The four covers are made from polyester and flame retardant.


So, those are our top five light covers for classrooms. As you can see, light covers are extremely important for protecting children’s eyes and maintaining a classroom that inspires learning.